About the Author of CR

Author Biography

By: Sidra Owens


When it comes to the author and creator of Comparative Reasoning, one must simply dissect what those two words mean to gain an understanding of Sedrik Cannady.

Comparative (definition): involving the act of looking at the ways that things are alike or different.

Reasoning (definition): the process of thinking about something in a logical way in order to form a conclusion or judgment.

From a young age, far earlier than most, Sedrik was able to observe and discern the differences in the world around him.  With youth comes selfishness, so those differences were always regarding the way in which he was treated by family, friends and peers.

Children usually ask the questions ‘why’ as a means to exercise their ability to badger the adults around them; but Sedrik was quite different.  When he asked the question ‘Why’, he genuinely wanted to know the answer.  Unfortunately, growing up in a time, where children were not supposed to question the adults around them, he was constantly longing for answers and understanding.

That longing did not diminish once he was an adult himself.  The question of why, continued to follow him or plague him, to be more specific, since answers were few and far between.  With his mind always running at 100mph, it was easy to make rapid compare and contrasts, regarding relationships and encounters on a daily basis, leaving him seeking more like-minded individuals, while casting close minded ones aside.

With an increase in access to information, and a growth in his understanding of the world around him, economically, politically, socially and religiously, Sedrik found that the more he learned, the more he had to say.  He had ideas to communicate, queries to present; he had a voice just itching to reach out beyond his computer screen and reveal itself to the world…. which leads us to this very moment.  Comparative Reasoning is the embodiment of the concepts and methods that Sedrik uses to govern himself from day-to-day; with all of the logic, passion, rage and compassion that one soul can muster.

Please allow him to extend his ideas to you and listen to your ideas in return; participating in a reciprocal relationship that defines the human experience.