From NC to the US

From NC to the US


Secular Talk slightly talked about a story in North Carolina where Hog Farmers are legally allowed to spray untreated pig urine and feces into the air near black and other minority communities on the eastern half of the state.  A legislation that aids in blocking the financial and criminal punishment for spraying pig waste makes it difficult for minority communities to fight back.  I listened to Kyle talk about this for about just under 4 minutes.  This is after a 7, 9, 11, and 13 minute oration of other topics that primarily revolve around Trump, Hillary, and other things that we all should be so sick of, that we take what actions we can against it.  Gratefully, the communities in these hit areas, as reported, are fighting back with what lawsuits they can.  However for this video, he boiled fixing it down to, regulation.


Now, I tried to move past it.  You know, just move on to TYT and yet, this is a fog in my book.  Something was missing.  For me, for what I watched, it was missing some elements that I suppose could go without saying, and yet, I want to say them.


See, these companies are spraying pig waste in the least powerful communities, backed by rich to wealthy legislators.  The hog farmers don’t want to treat the waste to neutralize the methane, ammonia, and anything else within.  Deregulating the business allowed them to not treat the waste.  Deregulation also means they keep more money, but due to them not treating the urine and fecal matter, they must dump it elsewhere, as the stench of it bothers… how I should word it, “People in a higher financial bracket”, or “upper classmen”.


Is there a racial component?  Of course there is, but no one wants to hear that.  Is there a greed factor in it?  Of course there is, but we all already accept that as, “ok to say.”  There is also an elitist and fear mechanism involved.  Elitist for this being the uh, “upper classmen”, those people who make 200K or more year that live near golf courses, or stay in small, tight communities where homes are easily 500K or more.  See, those people have money to donate, to bribe, and if need be, legally ruin these hog farming companies.  This is why it is easy for them to target minority… uh, “financially weaker communities”.


See, I’m of a few minds of this.  I say it’s ok for the companies to spray hog waste into the communities.  It’s perfectly fine, so long as they spray it in the air, near all financial communities; from lower to upper.  I love equality.  Now some of you might actually sigh and say something like, “Now that ain’t gonna happen and you know it.”  If I were with you, I’d ask the almighty question of, “Why”, and I’m sure you’d say, “It ain’t because…” and you’d leave it at that.  I got a feeling you know why, but you won’t say it, and if you did, I ponder how much venom would be in those words.


In any case, if not spreading equality into the air, I propose nothing change, and however they have been disposing of the waste, they continue; unless that has been what they are doing now; spraying it into the air.  I’m also in favor of street rules.  What would that be?  Simple: Let’s use, you, the reader.  You’re walking to wherever you have to go and someone throws a urine and fecal filled balloon that bursts on you somewhere from the chest down.  I’m kind ok.  Not the face.  What do you do?  Now, the attacker does not leave, but instead stands looking as if nothing happened, while observing the damage.  When the shock of it wears off, what happens?  I think there are three camps: The stand in shock camp, the murder camp, and the lawsuit camp.  Now all camps have subdivisions so there could be a lawsuit and murder camp, and a stand in shock lawsuit camp and the murder and then stand in shock camp.  Take your pick and mix what you want.  I’m in favor of all those and the lawsuit one is the action of choice by the “lower financial community”.


What camp would I be in, in a truly just world?  I’d be all of it.  I got my limits.  Urine and fecal matter is way beyond those limits.  These people can’t even really go outside because the stench and air is so bad.  I’ll just be directly honest.  Thanks to Greed, Racism, and Deregulation, this is happening in all parts of the country, and if you think, because no company is pumping hog waste in your area’s air, that you’re not affected by Greed, and Abusive Capitalism, you’re either simply ignorant to what’s going on and need to get information beyond paid-media, or you enjoy thinking you’re safe because of what town or city you live in.  You’re not safe.


Flint Michigan has sickly water with lead, while California has the highest water-laced lead base in the country.  The mid-west of the country is now home to fracking where their water is laced with hydraulic chemicals, and their lands riddled with minor quakes.  The north and south of the east coast has seen ocean coast levels rise, while in the mid-south at the Gulf of Mexico, the multiple oil spills has decimated commercial fishing as the residue is found in sea life, rending most of it useless to cook with.


When you deregulate, you get companies who – like children – don’t have to take responsibility for their actions so long as they get what they want.  Water companies save by filtering less, selling water from the tap while labeling it spring water, or purified, as well as less maintenance on any machinery that does filter.  Oil companies don’t have to worry about checking any supposed safety measure kill switches to block ruptures, checking their pipelines, or cleaning up the spills found throughout the mid-west.  Disposal plants don’t have to worry about what they pump into the air, what filters are needed to reduce pollutants, or what waste they accept.


Just because you live in a million dollar home, or a one-race neighborhood, or spend the highest money for food, or for a chef, doesn’t mean you are safe.  It means you find money and segregation joyful and secure.  Not at the end of the day, or the beginning the day, but 24/7/365, you have to breathe, drink, and eat.  You can all the racial privilege you want to think you have, but know this, even on your Mount Olympus, you breathe, drink, and eat, and all of it came from the bottom, a place you believe can’t touch you.


Thank you for reading.


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