YOUTUBE: The Future: Post Bernie Sanders

Click this link to watch!

For full context, listen to the video.



(1) Establishment: Fuck Sanders! He’s vile! A SOCIALIST! He hates people because they are people! He hates America!

(2) Sanders dies

(3) Establishment: He was a good man. He wanted great things for the country. He will be missed. He should have been president.

(4) People within the nation nod their head, believe they always had Sander’s back.

(5) Six months later people all but forget about Sanders and the movement.

(6) Later, people vote for the establishment candidate.

(7) The new president will quote Lincoln, JFK, MLK, Obama, and Sanders.

(8) People are blindly satisfied and divided about liking or hating the current president. Rinse and repeat.


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