Is A Hero A Hero?

I was watching a TYT clip titled “White Privilege: Treatment of Bill O’Reilly vs. Colin Kaepernick“.  It was an insightful clip that will enrage the dumbest citizens of the USA.  In the comment section, people were referring to Kaepernick as a “hero”.  I have taken issue with that word (blindly) for some time, as I heard that term used for police officers, firefighters, and other underpaid government servants.


My issue is that the meaning of what a hero is has changed.  It used to be a person who placed him or herself in harms’ way for the greater good one or more people.  They would do this selflessly.  There was no pride, shame, ego, or anything of the sort.  It was about what was right, over what was clearly wrong.  It was saving lives in the face of danger.


I recall the media of my time being flooded with clips, photos and rhetoric about firefighters, police, and surgeons who were garnered as heroes.  I was conflicted with that, so I’m sure you can tell how I must feel about people being granted that titled simply for being popular.  Heroes today are largely those with a talent to sing, dance, or tell a story that only relates to a few.


Now Kaepernick was called a hero by a few people in the comment section I cared to read and I took issue with it.  Here is what I said.

“Kaepernick is nothing of a hero. He has NOT by any means committed a selfless act of bravery. Giving money is not being a hero. I gave a kid 20 bucks to get a toy his mom could not afford. Was I a hero? NOPE. Just showing civil empathy.”


Colin made a choice – one I stand by as well as thousands of others.  Colin simply made a choice in life that didn’t do anything to anyone.  While racists, bigots, and the other throwbacks from 1785 channel their ancestors in present day over this, in a show of blind patriotism for a sport, they don’t care to open their eyes to the foul treatment of them by the governing body they so “proudly” hail.  They paint the picture of only caring for the country if it so allows them to hate on something.  Sadly, these people are also called “heroes”.


For me, I would like it much if hero would revert to someone who performs a selfless act of bravery.  To me, doing your job in these days doesn’t make you hero.  It makes you someone who didn’t want to get fired, or sued; whichever way the wind shall blow.  You might ask me who a hero is.  They are the people who take a stand, of their own volition; against odds they know are insurmountably against them.  They are people who don’t have much, but give what they can, risking their own fortune to help the less fortunate.  They are the people that shrug off the ill teaching of those around to be what is best for the betterment of all, and at most, they only wish for their deed to be paid forward.  A “thanks” would simply be icing on the cake.  These people are as few as they are plenty.  Their voices are drowned out by clutter, but as they are found, and are heard, their voice can and do grow.  I do what I can.  Will you?  Check the links in the description.  Yes, I have my issues with them, but they are better than what we have right now.  Join up, sign up, and like Kaepernick, whether you kneel, sit or stand, do what you believe is best for the positive future of you and this country.  Colin was one man with no voice, but that simple gesture made his voice roar.  I plan to hear yours someday; even if it echoes through the action of petition, or a vote and what comes of it.


Thank you for reading.

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