Love is Year Round

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It’s February, people.  It is the month of love, romance, spending, and sex; not all in that order, either.  I have a few suggestions for tomorrow that will not end on that day.  Try going old school with that special someone or some-two or three in your life.  Craft, or purchase a Valentine’s Day card.  Make it simple, direct, and honest.  Make it cute, lovable, and adoring.  Take the time to put in a memory or two for nostalgia sake.


When it comes time for going out to eat, why go to the most expensive place?  Why drain your money for not much food, or food that tastes like something you can make at home?  Go to a place you probably first tried together.  Rekindle that first date with a trip to the past that made your present day great for the future.  If it’s a quick service restaurant, so be it.  If it was a picnic somewhere, I suggest bundling up together or using a light blanket; however the weather may be.  Eat at home with a dual cooked meal.  Go to a local place you always visit.  You’re with who love, or maybe loving right now, you might as well go where you know the people know, and like you.  Makes all feel good inside when that happens.


When it’s time to be alone, cuddle up a bit and listen to music. Make a playlist of both of your favorite songs; just the ones you’ve already agreed upon during your relationship.  Turn it down so it’s behind your voices, so you can feel just how that special someone loves you.  Enjoy a dark, low music room with candles lit in four corners.  If you don’t care for music, this works well without it.  The idea is to relax within the arms of your Valentine, and enjoy the moment like you won’t have it again.


When the 14th passes, don’t let this pass with it.  You’ve placed your every emotion in the air and that special someone has reciprocated it.  Once a week, or once every two weeks, spend about one to two hours focusing on that loved one.  Watch TV with a few forms of low light such as salt rock lighting, the slowly changing glow of a diffuser, or if your home is angled just right, use the passing of cars to temporarily light that room.  Valentine’s is just a day.  Your Valentine is every day.


Do you have a Valentine?  Post in the comment section below, how long you’ve had this person in your life.  Do you have a meal planned to cook?  Post that as well.  Share where you’ll shop online for others to view and use.  They may need help.  As always, thank you for reading.

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