I Like Spring Until. . .

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Spring, like autumn is a great time of the year.  I like autumn more, but I’m going to momentarily focus on spring.  When it rolls around, the temperatures here in North Carolina, on average are in the 60’s to mid 70’s.  Bees, though I’m not a fan of them near me, look to aid in pollination, and not only are spiders spinning webs, but the foliage fills in those gaps of the forest, and shrubbery.


What I also like I about spring are the growing storms.  I don’t desire or wish for anything severe; just the occasional heavy thunderstorm.  If a heavy thunderstorm is not on the way or overhead, I at least would like a heavy rainstorm here and there.  They make for great relaxation, sleep, and mood leveling.  Temperature wise, spring, like autumn is a great time of the year for me.


My main issue with spring is that should not be near the onset of the middle of winter!  In 2014 it dominated the winter months accept for the first two weeks in January.  In 2015, it resurged in mid January subduing winter’s cycle.  2016, everything was spot on, and dumbasses out there hollering that climate change was proven to be a hoax.  They are the same people who are saying nothing as once again, spring has slapped winter down once more.  Will there be more winter-like weather?  Of course, but I tell you this: As a kid in the 80’s and a teen in the 90’s, winter was WINTER, and not spring.


If I told any of you, 16 years ago, that we have allowed the wealthy to ruin this planet for our existence, and that in center of February some of us, if not most of us will turn the A.C. to keep cool, you’d laugh me off.  You’d spread the word of my idiotic tirade, ensuring my unending discredit.


If there is any solace in this, just know the world will not flood.  However, the land we ignore will shrink.  The coastal cities will have to be on their own stilts or move inland.  You know how we humans are.  We are not moving cities.  We’ll just leave them to rot, letting their filth and trash be taken out to sea as new coastline cities are built only to be abandoned as scientist work hard to find the new and final resting coastlines of the world.  There will be more fresh water, so that may spell the end of the thermohaline circulation.  You’ll find that, that will be the harshest ignition of our downward spiral to a bottle neck civilization.  We’ve been there a few times and life does find a way.  It always has.  The question is: Which living species will find that way this time?


Thank you for reading.


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