Don’t Cry About Trump

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Today, Friday February 10, 2017, is my birthday.  I’m 41 today.



Resist Trump!  Fight Back!  He’s not my President!  These are things that were said about Obama from the right, and their protesters.  The only difference is, Trump is white, and from what John Oliver dug up on his family’s name originally being Drumpf, no one yet claims he is not a citizen.  Interesting; don’t you think?  Does that show a double standard, or racial standard – albeit high or low?  Much to my dismay, I’m going to simplistically address each of the opening exclamatory sentences.


First, how can we resist Trump?  We cannot.  We the people don’t make the laws.  We surrendered that power so long ago we refuse to figure out how to get it back.  He will do what he wishes, as he said during his campaign trail.  He never lied about being a strong leader.  He will do what he wants to do, so long as it hurts minorities, foreigners, make the wealthy wealthier, and he looks awesome in his own mind.


Fighting back against Trump is the second.  We all had our chance but didn’t take it.  Any republican could have won the Primary Election but people are only told to vote in the General, so 1st chance missed.  People protest outside in the cold or heat, and while they do, Trump and his like-minded people sit comfortably in suits, hearing protester noise and like on Wall Street, when the noise is enough, it will be removed.  Next time, take the time to look at other running candidates in the Primary Election; even if their appearance is not so congenial.


The third thing is that he is not my president.  Actually, yes he is.  He is, my, and our President.  Logically speaking, we are citizens of the nation he presides over.  When he allows an unread law into action we have to abide by it.  He is, Donald J. Trump, President of the United States of America, and there is nothing presently we can do about it.  I’m not saying to accept it with an embrace, or stand at his side, or anything of the sort, but acknowledging the problem, is the always the first step in making a solution.


President Trump is our problem, because we are our problem.  We have four years to solve ourselves, or we will get him again, or someone similar.  We know all we will ever need to know about Trump.  Right now, he, unlike Obama, is holding up to his campaign trail promises.  If I knew what to do to get into Trump’s ear, I’d change a ton of things; considering of course, the last person in the room tends to get his attention the most.  This is also based on him signing three executive orders he never read until afterwards.  He wasn’t the most popular one in school, just the chosen.


Thank you for reading.


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