A Way to Fix the USA: Vote

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There are too many times I hear about people talking about fixing the government, fixing the USA, and they never try.  They talk to a few people who they know will agree with them, and that’s never going to be good enough.  I’m going to give a good way to solve something; voting.


There are a few choices for what you vote for.  There are the Democratic, Independent, Republican, Green Party, and Libertarian Parties.  In honest observation: the Democratic and Republican parties are just one party vying for the money from their donors, who dictate to them how to run the country.  The Green, and Yellow parties are 3rd parties and thus, are unjustly a bad taste in name alone.  Independents are usually heavily Democratic or Republican but do not agree on one to three issues.


Here’s my view on who gets elected: Becoming Independent voters.  Register for the Independent slot, do not use news polls, and just wait.  If we are all in the undecided camp, then candidates across the board will have to speak their minds.  They would not be able to easily pander to a red, blue or purple state.  They would not know how the people lean.


This will force politicians to run on their own goals.  Where does the crowd lean?  They won’t know until they hold a rally.  This means, Presidential candidates would not ignore small electoral states.  There would be a mess with candidates trying to figure out how to steer the voters.  We, the voters, would watch them squirm as they say anything they think that state would want to hear.


The power would be back in our hands as we could then vote for whoever we want.  We would not have to vote Right or Left wing, but for the right person.  We need that in office.  Not a Republican, or a Democrat, but the right person in general.  They would sweat it out until election night, where all booths would be opened.  They would be too foolish to close the ballots to minorities, the working-poor, and would have to allow convicted citizens, in and out of prison to vote.  Right now they can’t.


Change yourself to an independent voter, and you change the voting system, change the game, and change the candidates.


Thank you for reading.

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