Confession: I Wanted Trump to Win


In October of 2015, my hat was in for Bernie Sanders.  Paid media cited him as not being experienced enough, while no one spoke of Jill Stein or Garry Johnson.  Hillary Clinton was in the opening of her slide to forced honesty, while Trump, who could not help but lie, even on his lies, was being elevated into being the most honest person in the presidential race.


I believed that Trump would gain mass momentum until around March.  By then, people would start to think about whom they will vote for and jump off the bandwagon position.  Trump ran on very few things: Minorities are meaningless, Foreigners are the enemy, and he has billions.  Everything else was a flip flop strong enough to make Romney look like a straighter-shooter.


By the time March arrived, and Trump was waning in polls as Hillary was falling to Bernie.  Bernie and Trump seemed like the front runners until a month later, Trump and Hillary took over.  At that point, I wanted Trump to win.  Why?  It was logically-desired destruction.  Trump was a liar on epic proportions, Hillary was more in bed with billionaires than their wives and mistresses, Bernie was not getting any of the paid media coverage, and Garry and Jill were barely on the lips of social media.


Social media, the only media that tends to give the public everything, turned their backs on mislabeled 3rd party candidates due to their own bias; a bias they shun so many for having.  Females wanted Hillary, Guys wanted Trump, and the informed wanted Bernie.  Jill and Garry, though I don’t like Garry, could have been backup plans for… you know… what happened to Hillary.  You know… the truth and all that showed she lied to us and was planning to let the bankers regulate themselves.


These kinds of things happening in May, made me come to the grim conclusion that people have become so complacent, and entitled, they don’t care how the country is handled, so long as they don’t have to give up creature comforts, live in their fantasy bubble, and hate whoever they deem not worthy of middle or high society.


I wanted Trump to win to teach everyone a lesson, especially those that vote for him.  People want to hate, segregate across the board, and truly show how divided this so called Union is, then may Trump win, jack things up as bad as Bill Clinton started it, and push forward the need for the return of the 1940’s with unmitigated gusto.  With Trump in charge and he placing into position, every person that screams, “Let us be stupid!  Let us be stupid now,” the rich and wealthy people of this nation will love it.  Lower middle-class and lower-class people will feel the bite in about 2 to 4 years and by this time, this race will not be fully forgotten, but the same mistakes will be recreated.


I want better than this, but my desires are meek at best amongst a civilization that worships money, religions used to oppress reality, corruption that either stagnates or rewinds progression, and a political system that is nothing more than an institute for the wealthy to play merger-chess.  Pop-culture on all fronts will keep this country right where it is: last in nearly everything, and lying to itself on being the greatest without explanation.

Seeing that the one thing we are great at is having the largest military, and then we can do that.  We do what politicians keep pushing for: reduce public education costs, lower job wages to $5, reduce public transportation, nearly kill state funding for everything and toss it all at military contractors.


Seeing that we are also great at holding the worlds more wealthiest people and in collaboration with big oil, we can finally tax the middle class that 96% the wealthy should be paying, and tax the lower class 66%, while hating the poor and making bills to imprison or kill them.


Trump won.  The middle-class, the wealthy, and the racists can rejoice as they blame all that Trump does on Obama or whoever is lucky enough to replace Trump in 4 to 8 years.

Thank you for reading.


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