YOUTUBE: New Year’s Day Every Day (Text Included)

THIS was transcribed from Sidra Owen’s casual tone.  It was not easy at points. 😀

Check it out, and try to follow along. 😀

I had fun being as phonetic as possible. 😀


One thought on “YOUTUBE: New Year’s Day Every Day (Text Included)

  1. Interesting Thought and Focus piece. My beloved Mother used to say: “Action Speaks Louder Than Words!” I have found that the Nike slogan is also helpful. “Just Do It!” This guy speaking on the video makes a good point. You don’t have to wait until any specific day of the year to begin making changes. What you need to know right up front however, is that change is difficult.

    You have to set up your changes, and take one step into the next step to realize them. You have to applaud your successes, and fail forward when you feel yourself slipping back into old behaviors. You have to concentrate on what you “need” to change as well. “Wanting” to change is more like a dream. The need to change must be compelling. And the journey towards the result has to be of benefit; hopefully long term. Speaking of which the long-view is also the best view in my opinion. New Year’s Resolutions are not compelling enough to last the journey.

    Happy New Year…each and every day!

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