“Mike Schaefer Insulted Religious People on Abortion & Sin”

In Texas, republicans have pushed long and hard to abolish abortion.  Texas is not the only state, or the only people wanting this, but they will be the focus for this installment.  I’ll go ahead and jump right into the meat of it.  Ok, so…


“Joint Resolution 9 seeks to add a Constitutional Amendment prohibiting abortion to ‘the fullest extent authorized under federal constitutional law as interpreted by the United States Supreme Court.'”


“To explain the pain and suffering of mother and their terminal babies, Schaefer said before the audience, ‘That’s part of the human condition, when sin entered the world.'”


Ok, I need to tackle this as blunt as I can.  From what I looked up about the Federal Constitution, there is a discrepancy.  Either it is our supposed governing guideline to a fair and just democracy, or it is simply any agreement made in the Legislative and Judicial Branches of government via a vote.  If it is the latter, then I can see why they were so specific on it being of Federal Constitutional Law, interpreted by the United States Supreme Court; opposed to any other court in the United States, or need of the citizens.  Interpreted law is not fair or just law.  It’s the same as any misunderstood argument.  I was part of one this year of 2016.  I didn’t want to support a company because of their hate speech, and someone else attacked atheism, to defend religion.  Why?  Because the company is religious and this person believed I was attacking religion.  After a lengthy argument, this person came to realize that I didn’t know the company was religious.  I just spoke against them hating people that did nothing to them.  Misunderstood arguments (for lack of better term) are what is going on with “interpreting the law”.


The Supreme Court of the United States is bought and paid for by many groups.  Of course if the Texas republicans can pay them enough, they’ll interpret the constitution of any level, in their favor.  This leads to the second part.  If a mother is in danger due to her pregnancy, it’s up to her, what she wants to do.  If she wants to die for her unborn child at any stage of development, that is her choice, and arguably the choice of the father, and maybe those close to her such as family, friends, and perhaps acquaintances.  For any person, to choose the fate another or others based on their personal belief or needs is fascism.  Then, Schaefer, in my opinion, insults all religious people when citing it is all because “sin” entered the world.


I can’t see how that is not insulting.  This guy is not religious.  The majority of wealthy people are not religious.  Listen to me.  Anyone who uses religion to control anyone, or a people, is not religious.  They can’t be.  Religion is socially cited to be that of freedom, love, choice, worship, and loyalty to whatever deity spoken of.  Controlling people is not choice.  Lying to them about women suffering because sin entered the world is premeditated dictatorship; something religious people do not like from one who is not their presiding deity.


I read this, up to this point to my co-host, Sidra, and she brought to my attention that sin originally entered the world when Eve bit the apple, so basically, this guy is using abortion to say, “fuck you, women.”  For anyone to use Eve’s choice, someone who most likely had an apple treat, not to mention a bare apple itself, cannot speak about sin.  I’m just saying, religious people, you need to speak up and shun people like Schaefer, who uses your religion to control you, dictate how you vote, who you vote for, and not who to vote for.  This guy, and people like him are nothing less than blasphemers.  I’m not the religion type.  I don’t subscribe to such a thing, for personal, observational, and logical reasons.  However, for someone who does subscribe, but will use it against you for their own profit, status amongst peers, and the ruining of your well-being, must not be allowed to keep their job, or have a voice.


You hate atheists or look down on them; fine.  That’s your choice.  However from my point-of-view, to be apathetic or in favor of people like Schaefer (to me), is appalling and a personal moral disservice.

Thank you for reading..


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