“One Hindsight People Didn’t Notice About Clinton vs. Trump”

“One Hindsight People Didn’t Notice About Clinton vs. Trump”


Do any of you recall when Trump started his campaign he had to pay local actors to make it look like people cared about him?  I remember that.  Remember when Hillary held her rallies, and they were sold out?  When it came to the last 2 months between them, it was a total flip.  Hillary couldn’t scrape 200 people from anywhere for her rallies, while Trump was totally sold out.


I must say, I’m baffled by it.  Both of them are part of the corporate machine.  Trump lies about everything, and then the people lie about Trump.  Hillary lied about everything, and the people just shook their heads and voted because she was all that was left.  What happened was Hillary went against her voters.


The Democratic voters are people who have a loose belief that the Donkey party is about helping the little guy rise to prosperity with the elephants blocking the path.  Democrats believe their party works hard to ensure racism is snuffed out, kids are safe at school, and companies fully respect their workers via wage, and environment.  Once the voters learned that Hillary was a corporatist republican in a donkey costume, they became distant.  So it makes sense that Hillary’s support died.  She turned her back on the very beliefs of her voters.  Calling black male teenagers super predators that need to be brought to heel, and aiding in bills that led the largest incarceration rate of minorities across the board, is something her voters were not happy with.  The DNC prepared Hillary to be president.  No other candidate mattered.  Learning this was another blow to her campaign.


The Republican voters have been seething, and frothing at the mouth for someone to run who is just as hateful as they are.  Trump blasted out of the gate with lies about how much money he has, the people who love him, and that he doesn’t need the corporation’s finances.  Trump threw out the wall to block Mexican immigrants to test the waters.  Republicans ate that up, and Trump solidified the Republican Bible belt.  His entire campaign was about racial insults to Elizabeth Warren, one word titles for all his enemies, and more hatred thrown as cultures that his voters already blindly feared.  Of course his rallies grew, especially when they knew it was safe for them to attack harmless people; even people who planned to vote Trump.  With just a few weeks left in the General Election, Trump attacked the Jewish citizens of the country and was finally fully endorsed by the Klux Klux Klan.  His rallies could only grow.  It was clear, that his chances of winning soared.


I could keep going, but just keep this in mind, the DNC is all about corporations.  The RNC shares that sentiment, and went deeper into the red, in the outright 1930’s racism, and that kind of thing is becoming the norm once more.  Kids are scared in school as their fellow peers verbally and at times physically assault them.  Kids have been pulled from school for their protection, while their parents are not only teaching them this hate, but performing acts of their own.  Those two parties are nothing more than Corporate Parties.  I have two semantic views of this.


(1) There is just one party; the corporate party.

(2) We need a second party, the Progressive Party.


We need a #newparty, the #progressiveparty.  We need people who want to help the country and not cater to corporations to lead it.  The reason for this is because the DNC is a ship that is not only sinking, but is on fire, and being shot at.  Jump ship, and float in a dingy until enough rafts come along to make a raft community.  Fuse them together and make them grow.  This can be done relatively soon; two years tops.  Make a party free of corruption that will do all it can to help good politicians, states persons, and whatnot, get on ballots, debate stages, and push away from a party that failed itself so bad, they ignored the voters.


Thank you for reading.

3 thoughts on ““One Hindsight People Didn’t Notice About Clinton vs. Trump”

  1. Ultimately numpties vote for someone who looks just like them and talks just like them rather than for policy.

    We always heard about disenfranchised Republicans turning to Trump, but the reality was that Hilary Clinton was so antagonistic she alienated enough Democrats to make them either;

    1. Not vote.


    2. Vote Jill Stein.

    Besides, Hilary Rodman – as she was known in her youth – endorsed Barry Goldwater in 1964. A Half-Jewish Faux-Conservative Sceptic who – like Trump – had the blessing of the Klan; who up until then had been die-hard Democrats.

    Also, America was only ever ‘Christian’ at a superficial level. American history has naturally favoured opposition to Christianity – Deism, Zionism, Nation of Islam, New Atheism, etc. America’s founding fathers sought to ridicule the faith of our forefathers; now they have got their wish.

    For Christians, it’s no longer a case of assimilating non-believers to the bricks-and-mortar Churches; tainted with money and corruption, it’s about the survival of those who DO choose to believe. As a non-denominational Christian, no one Church speaks for me. Their ‘actions’ are inconsequential.

    Forgive me for going off on a tangent, but I feel that America has had too much influence on the rest of the world and shifted their inward debate over religion to a global platform.

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    • You’re right. Clinton alienated many, and yet Stein only got 1%. It was amazing. She had 5% then 3%. On vote week, she had 2% and after the ballots were cast, she had 1%. It was the same for the other candidates. The closer to the moment of truth, the less votes they got. Religion is something I’m really against, and yet, I don’t go out actually looking for it, just to bother it. It will find me. I’m not far from making a post on religion; maybe a few. Not really sure. The country was founded on the escapism of religious oppression and yet, what did settlers do? They founded a religion here, and forced everyone into it. Over time, it relaxed as laws were placed and yet, it is still here through fear, intimidation, and indoctrination. It has held us back and yet, it truly had no part in it; as people use it as a tool, and a like-minded crutch for hate and fear of death. American HAS way too influence on the world. WE messed up EVERYONE economy with a push of ONE button on Wall Street. The world needs to wake up.


  2. A new progressive party is the only way. If all the voters can do is vote for the lesser of two evils, then that should be proof enough that things need to change change now. If the country were empty, all the politicians would be able to do is pander and manually manipulate each other. We, the people, need to come together for the betterment of us all.

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