Understanding Money in Politics

“Understanding Money in Politics”

 Listen on YouTube, or follow along.  For the hard of hearing, I placed text into the video.




People usually don’t care to think about money in politics.  When they do hear about it, they are quick to shake their heads.  A long time ago, I was right there with them.  To them, the people vote, and the president or any other official is elected; fair, just, and by the will of each individual who were brave enough to do their civic duty, and vote for one of two final candidates.


I want to use the TJ, “The Amazing Atheist” in my example.  I’m not hating on him or anything, just using him for a bit of enlightenment for those who are not enlightened.  Yes, I like that word.  Ok, so hear me out on this.  TJ has a 1K bet that Trump will win the presidency.  As to why, I don’t know, but I can speculate that it’s because he knows how mentally deplorable people are, and that those people greatly outweigh that of the level-headed to higher-minded citizens.  That is usually his rhetoric or something very close.


Think about this.  TJ has a $1,000 bet with Scotty that Trump will win, and the counter bet is $1,000 that Hillary will win.  Let’s break this down to something scary that people will assuredly close their ears to.  While TJ and Scotty’s bet is merely isolated unto them, they do have a vast audience.  Think about the few, or some of the whole, that would vote Trump, just for TJ to win his bet.  Think about that.  This doesn’t make TJ and Scotty bad, or even at fault.  The fans that would cast a vote as a goof would be to blame.  In terms of money in politics, this would be something like one-billionth of a percent to what does go on.


When it comes to corporations, they are betting just like TJ and Scotty, but the difference is that while those two have a 1K bet with each other, and fans that may vote as a goof just to support the outcome of the bet, banks and other entities toss hundreds of millions at candidates.  Their money is a gift, or laundered through a charity to the candidates.  Financial gifts of any magnitude is speech, because when they get that check, or know of the donation, they heard those words.  “I have things I want, and if you want this money, and more, you’ll ensure my wishes.”  Candidates can’t say, “No”.  They use those millions to run attack ads, bolstering ads, and travel expenses.  Once all is said and done, the remainder of that money goes into their pocket.


You guys out there who do and don’t hear this, will vote, and it will be based on bets from dozens of donors, knowing their wishes will be granted.  What I would love for you all to understand, is that corporations, like most people, have no empathy, no sympathy, and like any person, just want what they want.  They want deregulations and the Trans Pacific Partnership to take place.  Yes, this hurts everything and in time, the corporations, but think about it this way: Little kids want snacks, and treats when they’re hungry.  They don’t want food.  You can explain how candy will ruin them and how it’s not healthy, but that kid doesn’t care.  That kid wants what that kid wants.  Corporations want to maximize profits at any cost while paying big bills to their subordinate executives, under the guise of paying employs top dollar.


At the end, we need to understand which candidates are being paid by companies, which ones are not.  It will assuredly aide in deducing who we need to vote for.


Thank you for reading.


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