Do You Take Your Vote Seriously?

Disclaimer: Written as read on YouTube.

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Do You Take Your Vote Seriously?


Who are you voting for?  Yeah, that’s a loaded question.  It doesn’t matter one bit who you are voting because the truth is, it’s never a “who”, it’s a “what”.  What, party, are you voting for, is the better, or more accurate question.  You already have it in your mind who you are voting for due to what party you are voting for.  I’ll explain this by using the current Bernie supporters, and the rest of the candidate supporters.


Ok, so… the election began and Trump came out against Mexico and any of their citizens crossing the border to the US.  Then he spoke about how rich he was.  That just swooned the racists and the traditionalists.  Just swooned the hell out of them.  Then Hillary shows up saying nothing beyond that she will run and make us stronger together.  How fortunate Hillary is to be the wife of the single most popular president for those who were just leaving high school, and those who remembered Jimmy Carter.  People made up their minds of who they were voting for as soon as they aligned themselves with a party.


People learned fast about Hillary Clinton.  Scandals galore arose and her dark past was tossed into the light.  Yeah, she has a past that no one would allow into any business with integrity.  Yeah, where’re you gonna find that?  Hillary Clinton is the sole person to blame for the rise of Bernie Sanders, the single most hated man by his political peers.  Hillary spoke on nothing while The Young Turks and other sources rummaged through her past, exploiting the racist rhetoric, the crime bills she supported, the wars she advocated, and private speeches to bankers she refuse to release.  People with critical thinking could not help but take notice of this and take a listen to Bernie Sanders.


Sanders rose as Lessig fell and before that 55 to 82 degree winter set in (you remember that winter), critical thinkers had, had enough of her crap and ran to Bernie who was not only saying the right things, but had lead a full life of doing them.  Sadly, the great majority of people wouldn’t know Bernie at all.  If you watch CNN’s interview with Bernie, they refused to talk about his positions.  They asked him nothing less than questions on Hillary, and how he felt about her chances, her poll numbers, and if he supports her policies.  All the while, during the interview, they showed only pictures and videos of Hillary.  People watching CNN that have a loyalty to the Democrats, could only gather that it was just more talk on Hillary, who they already wanted to vote for.  This is when CNN was dubbed, the Clinton News Network.


Bernie crowds grew like weeds.  The Bernie supporter was born.  They loved him, and why not.  He was factually about every single thing we spoke on.  Does anyone recall’s Obama’s promises during his campaign trail?  How many did he keep?  How would things be if he fought for those promises and pushed them into action?  I’m sure you have your opinions on that, or maybe never even thought of it until now.  Just like any teenager, or any adult to be fair, the more people pushed against Bernie, the more the Bernie supporter spoke up against it, and shouted even more how much Bernie was needed.  Bernie gained such a following, that FoxNews and propaganda spreaders like them, created the vile Bernie bro.  Bernie bros were “reported” to be rapists, attackers, and racists.  Bernie, and progressive social media reporters were doing defense to explain how there were no Bernie bros, and if there were any, they were not doing the accused actions.


After a long hard fought battle, Bernie gave in.  He had a private meeting with Obama, the very first action Obama made that put everything of him into question after his third month in office.  Bernie dropped out, but said he’d take to a convention if he had to.  He dropped out of that, too, and put his full support behind Hilary.  Bernie was GONE.  I, like many were still supporting him.  We have to because there was no one else like him, and he is needed.  I heard of Jill Stein just like a few hundred people had but we’re all so brainwashed on these parties and who to vote for and to NEVER waste a vote, that we did a great disservice to ourselves and ignored her.  I broke my chains placed upon me by society and looked into Jill Stein.  She is a mirror image of Bernie with roughly the same plans AND a mindset of being fair.  Bernie supporters were not going to listen to her.


Bernie supports and Hillary supporters were at each other throats but now, for those that leave Hillary; they go to Trump, and Gary Johnson.  Very few of them thought about Jill Stein.  The Bernie supporter is still stuck on him.  They call in to the Tom Hartmann show often.  People with political science degrees won’t even use that education to leave the corporate supports of the DNC and RNC.  Bernie supporters, just like every other voter out there, are enslaved to small thinking as they run to where they are assured a victory in this presidential contest.  Research platforms, and vote for who has the platform that addresses the country, and not the money.  Trump will sell his candidacy for money.  he said so.  Hillary was backed by the bias DNC, Golden Parachute distributor Obama, and major known companies like Time Warner, Verizon (as I call’em ver-fail-zon), Apple, and the list goes on.  People think Trump is like Bernie because he won’t take corporate money.  He started out against them, saying he has his own, and now when he pleads to them, the corporations don’t answer.  Trump and his son even begged Iran for money and were rejected; twice.


With all of this evidence, and information circulating through both forms of media, you have to ask yourself something.  How serious do you take your vote?  If it is as serious as Hillary and Trump take it, then it’s not serious at all.  You’d do an equal disservice by not voting at all.  Once Trump is President, it will only two 2 million for him to resign and have Pence in control.  It will take at best, one fourth of that for companies to get Hillary to do what they want.  The Koch Brothers did say about Hillary, if her actions are different that her Rhetoric, they’ll support her.  That was after she hijacked Bernie’s policies to attract independent voters.  Think about all that.  Will you?  I did, and I do.  Thank you for listening.

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