What Is A Redneck?




From the time I was a kid, I heard white people call themselves rednecks.  I heard black people call them the same thing.  White people were proud of it, and I never understood why.  I didn’t know anything for or against the name, or label, or whatever you wish to call it.  I did know this; black people couldn’t be one.  Was it exclusionary?  Was it something… else?


Later, in high school, I took notice of white people, only males, calling themselves rednecks.  That was around the time of the Rodney King verdict and the abusive cops were found innocent.  Race fights broke out in the school.  I was the first target.  I didn’t get beat on, but it was damn close.  The rednecks, as they called themselves, were not happy to see me, even though I had neutral to kind of friendly dealings with half of them, before that moment in time.  What that taught me, was that a redneck was someone who didn’t like minorities.  I felt bad that people couldn’t just see justice or injustice, and work from that to judge what was right and wrong in society.


Later, after leaving high school and enrolling in a tech college, I met one of those rednecks, who three years later, was decent minded and greeted me kindly.  In middle school, that same person used a racial epithet against me, and when I returned fire, he wanted to fight.  Amazing world.


During the WWE attitude era, as it is called today, Steve Austin referred to himself as a redneck and that caught wind once again and then everyone, even black people wanted to be rednecks.  It was just mind-boggling to me.  I mean, he wanted to be that kind of character; I had no problems with it.  People wanted to adopt his gimmick and have harmless fun; I didn’t care about that either.  Black people wanting to do it didn’t bother me.  I wasn’t bothered until I learned the history of the term.  That got under my skin.


I was watching a documentary in high society on the 17 to mid 19-hundreds.  Here’s the low down on being a redneck.  High society people were, as they are today; snobs.  They are people who are highly disconnected with reality, since their world consists of status, money, power, and looking down on lesser people.  Has anything changed?  Not at all.  Today is a mirror image of yesteryear and the future will be the same as our present.


High society people believe you should only breed with the like-wise.  Same as the powerful only being with the powerful and famous only being with famous.  You wanna date Beyoncé; do something to get super wealthy, be in the spotlight and then make your move on her.  That’s not gonna happen with you, just as it didn’t with rednecks back then.  Why?  Because they worked hard for their money and it showed.  Literally, it showed.


Farmers are a highly needed people in any culture, especially in a massive society like in any country.  What?  Did you think your grocery store purchased the steaks, corn, potatoes, and fruits from a larger store, who manufactured it from chemicals to create the very food you see?  Oh no.  Farmers raise the livestock, and sell it to a butcher, who kills and dissects the animal into parts, who then ships it to a local retailer, who also has butchers that cut them up into portions and set them out for the public to buy.  Farmers work outside all day long, and guess what?  The sun plays a role in their necks turning red; sunburn, sometimes blisters and whatnot.  You know what comes next, don’t you?


When farmers of any gender wander into town and meet someone near the same age, there was a big chance of them meeting someone within high society.  When that happened and things took root, the high society side would break that up quickly.  They would tell their offspring to not consort with those below their station.  The red on their neck was a clear sign of it.  High society dubbed any  outdoor worker as a redneck, thus the description of low intelligence, low intellect, low wage, and poor breeding material.


In time, workers used scarves, and bandanas to cover their necks during work and that gained them entry to high society dating, until, well, as you know, the worker’s place of employment was discovered.  You know how that goes.  It was something like a protester at Trump rally, or a minority sitting in a white diner in the 1950’s.  This was white on white hate.  Rich whites against hard-working whites, and to this day, it has not changed.


I honestly get annoyed when I hear white people call themselves rednecks, because of a few things.  Rednecks were not stupid, characterless people, like kids and young adults self-proclaim today.  Redneck is a term used by wealthy people to segregate people.  Rednecks were hard-working, backbreaking farmers, field workers, and carriage drivers.  Without them, the wealthy would starve to death.  When farmers did go on strike, the wealthy fought back with force; financial force, by buying out land to shrink crops, thus diminshing income, and using police to harass them to make them work.  It took politicians to find a truce in some instances.  Today, kids are laughed at for being farmers, fast food workers, and warehouse workers.  People are so damn ignorant to life, they don’t contemplate what would happen if every one of those workers QUIT and sought “better” employment.  Where would you go for fast food when you’re in a rush?  Where would your needlessly expensive restaurants get their products?  Who would load them onto trucks, after sorting, labeling, packaging, and shipping them out to get to said places?


Sadly, those places of employment overtly mistreat those people with wages under 30K a year, reminding them how replaceable they are, and at times, treating them like dirt when things are not perfectly done.  Produce more, and pay less, maximize profit.  THAT is how business is run for our modern-day field workers, and what do the entitled people of the country say to that, “Find a better job.”  Without a need to feel, or be better than others, I bet racism would vanish like Hillary Clinton’s emails and public support for the TPP.


Last thing people:  Farmers, labor workers, fast food and the like, are not, by any means, middle class.  They are lower class.  Middle class is to them like upper class is to middle class. You people making 35 to 78K a year, would not say, with a straight face, that middle class income is 5 million dollars, while forgetting how many homes you own.  Listen to these high society politicians.  Listen to who plan to ignore, and then, think lower on the financial scale.


Thank you for reading.

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