Is Hillary’s Coughing a Calculated Risk?




The Amazing Atheist covered the health of Hillary Clinton with a fine toothed comb, and gave a good closing statement on the topic.  However, he didn’t cover one aspect of it all.  He didn’t cover the risk of it being so popular.  He mentioned a few things about her misdeeds, and did a good job in making that not the focal point of the subject.


I quickly thought about what this whole coughing thing could be about.  Is she sick?  Most likely she is.  She could be prone to bacterial or walking pneumonia. From my understanding, it’s always in your lungs and waiting for any moment when your immune system is compromised enough.  The video of her face at the sight of the balloons was that of a child that has never seen such wonders before.  It could be that she was told to look surprised.  There’s an excuse around every corner and I’m sure Hillary supporters will find them.


My question to you all is this: Don’t you think this looks coincidental?

Just hear me out, please?  She’s under a ton of pressure.  There are the leaks about so much such as the DNC ran by Shultz, who conspired with the Clinton campaign against other candidates.  There’s Shultz who was found out, quit her post, and got hired to a higher position.  There’s the Clinton Foundation taking millions in donations for their charity, only to funnel the great majority of the money back into their campaign.  Don’t forget everything dealing with her racism issues against blacklivesmatter.


What I’m saying is, she has a ton of things she’s done being thrown back at her, and the best way she has dealt with it, has been how she deals with everything; with garrulous retorts, or say nothing at all.  Suddenly, paid and social media is spreading her cough around worse that a virus in elementary school.  To that she hasn’t said much at all.


With everyone so focused on her coughing, who is focusing on her criminal behavior?  While it is federally illegal to setup private servers and send government emails: personal or not, she faces nothing because of lack of evidential intent.  How many people do you know that has gone to jail, prison, or anything of the sort based on probable cause, let alone intent?  Often times, when we hear a cough, we look with our eyes, or – if you will – our ears, and make sure we’re not in the range of being infected.  I’m sure if you feel that way about a cough in the general vicinity, you must surely be scared of a person gaining the power to ruin your health by taking direct orders by the pharmaceutical industry.


To compare Hillary Clinton and her ilk to you: She made two speeches for over a quarter million dollars, and can afford the highest branch of healthcare.  For your financial future and health, what can you afford?


Thank you for reading.

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