Facebook Wants My Social Security Card

What the fuck is up with facebook?  This is my first dance with deep bullshit from them.  I made the Comparative Reasoning page for my main account (what I’m abandoning for the most part) and then realized, it’d be less stressful to make it all on its own as a Facebook member and then remake the CR page with a header I actually like.  Since I didn’t use my personal information, they won’t let me use the account until I verify it.

Ok, fine, fuck it, but still, why can’t they use the text feature for the phone?  Why not ask about other accounts?  They wanted my Social Security card.  The whole point why I never post much on Facebook of my true identity, is because Facebook makes it legal to use your photo, name, and anything you place as a photo, or text to advertise, or sell to third parties.  This means your name, family, and anything you put up there, can be used against you, even in a court of law.  They don’t need your permission or anything of the sort.

In knowing this, I withdraw as much of my true identity as possible and now, so I can get my messages out to the public I have to cow down and do this thing.  It’s frustrating and when a better place than Facebook is available, with page setups like them, I think I’m gonna jump ship.  I’ll take a hit for the greater good.  No problem.  I just won’t take one for corporate greed.  I best not see myself posted anytime soon.  At least not until I get a webcam and people want to screw with my image.  I HOPE they enjoy how raggedy it is.  Ok, had to get that out.




Assholes didn’t reactivate the account.  I sent this message.

If you can get this, I need you to understand that I sent you who I am, and my information need not be sent to a 3rd party.  Comparative Reasoning belongs to me, Sedrik Cannady.  I have a self-named Facebook account with a Comparative Reasoning community page.  I don’t want my picture and real information posted on the new site until I get things further underway.  I need this account reactivated since I’m running out of short names for the pages.  I RESENT the social security card.  I think it’s edited to nothing, BUT it clearly matches the first one I sent.  The DMV pic has been deleted and the government phone doesn’t take clear enough pictures.  I’m not interested in bureaucracy, just results.  If ANYTHING, check my friends on Comparative Reasoning, and Sedrik Cannady.  If common sense is a part of Facebook’s team, then my account reactivation should not take long.


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