What Captivates Me

These three pictures are from the Weather Channel’s 2016 photo contest.  These are three from their finalists’ display of 56-62, from a list of 66,000 submissions.  To see others, click this link to view.



The above picture was taken in Maui.  This is the view of our Galaxy.  We rest on the furthest outer rim; the galactic halo as they called it.  I can’t help but wonder the true shape of the galaxy. Whilst I have a decent understanding of perspective imagery, I can’t help but compare the curvature of the galaxy, to the straight line of the shooting star on the left.   I’m just captivated by the galactic center, illuminated by multiple suns flung around a central black hole.  The possible birthing of other suns on the left and in between are just amazing to look at.  I see our solar system as a country home and the galaxy as the big city we are connected to, but not a part of.  I want to travel to the city and bask in the lights, the sounds, and the atmosphere of it all.  No city is without its’ dangers and should be respected as such.   With zero light pollution, pictures like this are possible.  View this picture and read the captures’ comments.  I have stared at this for minutes and being one with IBS-D, it is equally painful that I may never look upon this with my own eyes.  This is a truly amazing sight.  If you are able-bodied, and have the money, take a trip and gaze upon the origin of our very existence.


JUST EPIC!  I love lightning.  I respect all it can do, has done, and will do for the planet and our current ability to even live.  Here, two bolts erupt from a growing super cell.  From the top, the dying image of a sprite and step-feeder from the remains of spider-lightning exit the cloud’s north-west hemisphere.   Lightning, like a love interest, is as deadly as it is enchanting.  Respect it, for one strike can ruining everything.  I can’t help but wonder what it looks like inside the cloud.  Does it show where the bolts truly originate?  What is left at the epicenter after the bolt ends?


OH-MY-SELF this is breathtaking!  Like looking at the Milky Way, I can’t help but be in such awe that I wish to think this could not be real.  The scene just feels pure CGI when it is as real a poor person’s life.  I would not wish to gaze upon this in reality – considering you need perfect conditions and the bug bites would drive a person mad.  I would assume… *clears throat* The poster noted a rainbow, but he never noticed it was a DOUBLE rainbow.   Mayhap he will look back at his photo and notice it, only to discover something more amazing than before.  What can you find that is amazing in these pictures and those in the link above and below?  For a perfect double rainbow, check out the link and search through the most accepted photos from 66,000 photos submitted.



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