The Unspoken Reason Why Marijuana is Illegal




Weed has been used by people of this land for ages.  Nixon created a war on drugs to incarcerate black people at an alarming rate, and it worked.  It’s still working.  Considering the per capita rate of all minorities being incarcerated on drug use or possession charges, it is still yet, not the main reason why it is still illegal.  Incarcerating minorities is merely an enjoyable byproduct used by government law makers and for-profit prison system.  Since no one knew what happened, they didn’t know how to combat a sudden burst of arrest against weed smokers in the majority group.  They were called beatniks, stoners, and losers.  They had no idea why there were being arrested for “Having a little weed.”  Their average jail time was one to five days.


Over the years, the fight for weed socially was so tiny; it was taboo to even find someone who smoked it, unless you found the crowd 5 that just stayed in someone’s home smoking, and talking about life; if they could talk at all.  On the other side of that coin, the conversation against weed was a full-blown campaign on TV, and that origin predated Nixon.  The commercials against weed ranged from showing people having hysteric, violent outbursts in the 50’s, to driving off bridges in the 70’s, slamming a cast iron skillet on eggs in the 80’s and just sitting on the couch become unproductive in the 90’s.


As jobs were killed by NAFTA in the late mid 90’s, the sales of street weed rose.  While rap artists smoked their way into fame with equal lyrics and beats, so did the sensationalizing of smoking a blunt to mimic said behavior.  The push began and it was the people versus the government on legalizing the plant and its few, but many uses.  Over the years since 1994 the uses of weed sky rocketed, especially in pain reduction, chemotherapy aid, and reusable wears.  Government officials smoke and vape weed on a regular basis and yet, they will not raise it above a schedule one drug.  The cause for incarcerating undesirables is just a byproduct.  What people need to understand is the main reason why it remains a drug labeled worse that cocaine, crack-cocaine, alcohol, guns, and synthetic heroine, which is the key component in most prescription drugs.  Just in case you didn’t know, synthetic means it is not pure, and from everything spoken against drugs, officially, impure hard drugs are dangerous and kills more than anything else in America.


SIDE TALK: Vape is underscored as misspelled.  I googled, “Define – Vape” and what constantly came up was the term meaning to use e-cigarettes.  Vape (Vapping) was used long before e-cigarettes were used.  Altering definitions to fit new things is erroneous.  Make new definitions or compare new things to old definitions best you can, without ruining the original definition.  This way, arguments remain honest.


While people scream, yell, holler, write, argue, debate, and ruin friendships trying to convince Congress, the President, the Supreme Courts, and conservatives about everything about weed, they don’t realize they are wasting their breath.  They hear you, and they know what you are saying, and they most likely smoke weed more than you do.  They are not going to change the Federal laws, and still fight to keep state laws to prohibit weed in any form.  The government will not change their laws, because the alcohol and pharmaceutical companies pay them to keep it a schedule one drug.  The reason for this is because if people use weed, real weed and not the broken down stuff they pass off as “medical”, people can go to a friend, the corner dealer, and grow it on their own.  If that happens, the profit loss of the multi-billion dollar conglomerate drug industry would be staggering to their operations.  For the alcohol business, I cannot find a none-dangerous link as to why they would play a role in keeping weed illegal.  People tend to socially drink more when high.  Speaking dangerously, the only reason I can fathom that alcohol companies would advertise and lobby against legalizing weed, would be that people also drink when taking prescription medicine; what leads to hundreds of death a year in the U.S. and unreported more in other countries that are educated in not mixing prescription drugs and alcohol.  The only connection I can see from the alcohol industry is that they rather you mix their beverage with prescriptions than weed.


Think of it like a child.  If a child has many toys, it wants more toys and sweets and whatever it likes at the moment.  Though the child has over 300 toys in the room and can barely sleep in it, the child will never give up any one toy.  If the parents explain that something has happened, and the amount of toy gains must drop, that child will throw a tantrum.  At that point, the parents must make a decision going forward.  (1) Let the child rage and let it get over it, or risk the loss becoming a seed of vengeance later.  (2) Punish the clearly spoiled child for the tantrum.  (3) Sacrifice and make sure the child retains its toy supply.  While you may choose (1) or (2), few people will choose (3) and your government must choose (3) because in their scenario, the child does get what it wants, but it also gives the parents a few toys each quarter to make the parents happy in knowing their child is looking out for them as well.  Oh yes, the government are the parents, and they do not regulate the eldest children, just the ones that don’t look gifted enough to render any toys worthwhile.


As a people, education is great, and it will get more on the right side; the harmless side.  Yet, it is not enough.  The people need to get money out of politics, never slack off, and vote for judges that befit their views and values for their future.  Nothing is going to change to aid in the fight to legalize weed, unless the people actually come together, and make it change.  Using compare and contrast, it took just moments to get the law passed, and a week to fully enforce it, and another week to see the promised results.  It’s been decades of people fighting for their freedom to smoke, vape, and eat weed at their leisure.  These decades have seen the wrongful arrest of famous people to set an example, killing of innocent possessors of the plant, and the bastardization of it for medicinal sales that the state does substantially profit from, while their citizens suffer with Federal raids.


So long as the government is paid to keep weed down, they will never allow it to rise.  Remove money from politics; vote in the people who have a history for weed advocacy, and vote out those who are against it.  Do your job as a citizen, to get what citizens wants.  You have the power and they won’t tell you, or show you.


2 thoughts on “The Unspoken Reason Why Marijuana is Illegal

  1. The years of propaganda worked. For the longest time, I was one of those who thought of marijuana like any other drug, but that just is not the case. it has profound medicinal uses for all types of sickness and no one has committed a violent crime, when high on weed alone. Every beneficial thing in this country is dictated and denied to the public by corporate conglomerates and their dollars signs. If only we were a democracy and not a republic, we could have so real change quickly. But as it stand, our politicians are bought and they don’t care whether the people suffer. At least prostitutes are interesting to look at when they are on the stroll; I can’t say the same for american politicians.

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