The Election is an 18 Month-Long Circus

A word from CR: I apologize for the usage of the word, “Drumpf”.  I have the Drumpfinator as seen on Last Week Tonight, and forgot to edit it out.  To Kelsen and any of his fans, I apologize for my oversight.

The whole election process is now an 18 month-long circus shit show and probably will be from here on out.

They’re both horrible people. Hillary just has the political acumen and decency to keep her bigoted, warmongering ideals mostly to herself. She does however have the political power to achieve anything she wants or needs in the name of her pocketbook and or to set herself up for a “comfortable” life beyond the White House. Donald Trump as president would officially make our country one of the bumbling laughing stocks of the world. We already kind of are.

Our last three election cycles have been absolute shit shows. I never cared for W. Bush like most of the country but I always thought to myself that it was wrong the lack of respect that was being shown to the office of the president. Obama came out of nowhere and most Americans thought he was going to be our great saving grace. You can love him or hate him, but you have to admit he has brought class back to the White House and will go down in history as one of the great presidents at the end of an era for the United States, whether you agree with it or not.

I also firmly believe that closeted racists were able to come out of the woodwork and be more open about their prejudice. Due in no small part to Trump’s “Birther Movement” (started by an off-hand remark made by Hillary Clinton during a debate: “I at times question where my opponent is from”) and the simple fact that someone of color with the name Barack Hussein Obama was sitting in the Oval Office, It wasn’t just prejudice it was for national security: he’s a secret Muslim, it was to take back America and save young white youth from…the world?

Trump has only furthered this rhetoric and made it even more acceptable to “speak your mind”. Racists know that racism isn’t right. You don’t have to whisper good things behind closed doors. But now they have a leader and a voice and a new cause: “Make Donald Trump Again”. What they really mean is make America white-centric, isolationist war profiteers in a safe haven for giant conglomerate corporations that own and dictate the legislation (thanks to Reagan for auctioning off the entire White House cabinet to the highest bidders, mostly Goldman Sachs).

That is the reality of our government. It’s a corporate oligarchy where the deepest pockets and “good old boys club” prevail and is the only way to get ahead. The Mitch McConnells and others of his ilk who have been sitting in their same legislative seat for 30-40+ years are not civil servants like the Roosevelts were or truly have the interest of the American people in their hearts like Carter or Kennedy and personally I feel Obama has as well. Or at least he started for all the right reasons but quickly realized elections are won by pandering to the Super PACS.

His ACA was passed with several behind the scenes deals taking place before he was even inaugurated. Namely that pharmaceutical companies have no price or profit cap or limit to when and how much they can change their prices, allowing people like Martin Skrelli to raise the price of vital HIV medication from $7 to $350 a pill. While not as news worthy and shocking with a perfectly hateable face, the price of the most globally commonly used critical medications, things like diabetes and blood pressure medicine also skyrocketed.

What I’m saying is without a major change in the entire system that is currently dug in like a tick feeding off our nation, nothing will really be different with Trump or Hillary. Party bosses made it clear that grass-roots movements stand no chance and most people (some rather begrudgingly) accept that you have two choices and feel by voting third-party you are “throwing your vote away”. Of course you’re throwing your vote away, because so is everyone else. If nobody believes they have the power to change the outcome of an election then we never will.

I really believe in Bernie Sanders and his message. His politics give renewed hope. I can only wish that his progressiveness has seeped into (been force-fed to) both sides of the aisle and that both parties realize progressivism isn’t necessarily liberalism. Some things will have to change and they will, but the division of America into races and classes of medium poor and extremely poor is a purposeful construct of the 1%. Sanders sought to actually represent the other 99% and he was promptly snuffed out for it.

The American election cycle is ridiculous to me. Longer than any other civilized country’s longest election campaign. Canada spends like 2-3 months on their election for prime minister (federal law states a minimum of 36 days for an election campaign; the longest in history was 96 days; they usually try to keep it as close to the minimum as election spending is seriously limited by the Elections Act.

LINK —> ) .

Our election is all predetermined and the act of casting your vote gives the placebo effect of having power and a voice. So long as we continue to let ourselves be divided into black and white, poor and slightly less poor, minority or majority we have no unity as a people. They never refer to the 99% for a reason. We are constantly reminded of the influence and massive reach of the 1%. They are our true enslavers.

For anyone to be able to consciously vote for Donald Trump, you identify yourself as above those that are only slightly more poor than you are. It’s likely you still live paycheck to paycheck and would certainly never, even with all the hard work, good fortune of success, and money you think would make you rich, qualify you for that top tax bracket. If we all stood up for the true middle class, where the real 99% of the population lives; show compassion for those less fortunate; provide real opportunities for their improvement without the notion that a few dollars reappropiated from billion dollar fighter jet programs is not communism, it’s the right thing to do.

Is it not the Christian way? We are in the 21st century. We have enough food and arable land on our planet to feed every man, woman and child. We are a global super power who isn’t afraid to intervene when the profit potential is clear, but are suddenly an isolationist neutral country when real civilians are displaced and seeking refuge. Many due in large part to the bombs we dropped. The terrorist organizations we grouped together and sent to trade school (prison camps in the Middle East were essentially terrorist recruitment and training centers)while radicalizing those that would have never otherwise been radicals.

The answer is not more war. The answer is compassion in a new mindset entirely. One of unity rather than division. A national realization of our similarities, common goals and obstacles. That in its purest, unfortunately rather unrealistic, form, would be truly unstoppable. We just don’t know we have power.

Even when we thought we had a voice in a candidate like Bernie Sanders, our silly little idealistic “democratic socialist” “fantasy land” was promptly and forcefully shut down. It awakened and subsequently disheartened an entire generation at the same time. It has made us bitter, angry and disenfranchised us from our government more so than we’ve seen since the 70’s with Watergate and Vietnam. It’s eerily similar, the tone of the nation now and then. History repeats itself, and if you study it, history is starting the cycle again as we speak. Will we go the way of the German people and eventually elect a dictator without truly even knowing it, out of fear, like Trump today, or someone even worse in eight years? Or will a progressive, independent ever be able to infiltrate the two-party system and affect real change? I think this will sadly be the norm for our forseeable generation. This choice between the lesser of two evils. Then again Trump gained his power from being very much NOT a politician. Most Americans don’t trust politicians and we may see something as crazy as Ted Nugent 2024, with Kanye West as his running mate. Our elections now are a Twitter war, insult contest, based heavily on number of followers, views, and news worthy sound bites.

I hope more than anything, we can be the ones to “make America great again”, but not by making America 1920 again. The conversation has indeed been started and more and more people are waking up to the reality of our corrupt government. Again they have two responses to this fear and Donald Trump plays into that fear: I wouldn’t say flawlessly, he’s a moron, but certainly effectively. I do think Trump may actually win the generals, but I do not believe he will win a reelection. Let’s just hope he doesn’t do too much more damage for generations to come. Well…besides setting back the equality movement three decades, bringing racism out of the closet and more or less into an accepted lexicon and officially turning our election process into a childish game akin to American Idol but with less talent.

And I still am not convinced about Hillary. Would you consider a write in wasting your vote? Is it worth it, can you in good conscience vote for her simply to keep Trump out of the Oval Office? I’m legitimately asking, I see the merit in both sides, while neither is a good choice and there is no right thing to do. We will all be glad to wake up from this like a bad dream one day 4-8 years down the road only to start the whole process over again.



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