Bernie or Jill




That question has never crossed my mind.  I think Bernie is the best choice and writing his name in would be the greatest thing I can do, considering Trump is just an egotistical liar, and so is Clinton.  They share too many qualities that most can’t see, some don’t want to see and few know all about but are too loyal to their party to do anything else.  The acting definition of “insanity” is to do something repeatedly and expect different results.  We all know, or need to know Trump and Clinton are not good people.  They both have horrible racial outlooks, want war, said to treat things like a business (Trump; the U.S / Clinton the Afghan War), and while Clinton will wholly be beholden to the corporations who funded her, Trump will also do the same, as he will want money, and has already said on two occasions that he would drop out of the presidential race for the right price.  Since he will do that, the question needed in your mind is: “What will he do for a wealthy enemy of the nation?”  Clinton has already made deals with foreign leaders and enemies and neither one has anything to say against removing ISIS, but both said they need to remove Muslims.  Clinton changed her mind when Bernie showed up, and Trump hasn’t changed a thing.  I’ll say this about Trump, “At least some things he won’t bend on, until he becomes president, which he must not.”


For me, neither Trump nor Clinton are viable, and party loyalists are just too stubborn, or would feel too ashamed to change their vote.  People for Trump, have raved about his ideals that match Bernie Sanders.  Their loyalty to the Republican Party, and a part of them being happy a wealthy star is on the ticket that doesn’t need the billionaires’ money, sounds like they would love Bernie Sanders but as I said, they are loyal.  They ignore the fact that Trump and his family have gone to those billionaires for money, as well as Iran, and Russian, just like Clinton.  Bernie Sanders was savagely done wrong by the DNC, and that made me like him more.  If his own party is not on his side, and he’s for the side of the people, it exposes that even the party we vote for, doesn’t give a damn about us.  Bernie Sanders was the real Hope and Change we needed.


Bernie Sanders had my vote once Larry Lessig was forced out of running for the Executive Office.  Bernie is the single most Progressive person since the era of FDR, and Henry A. Wallace.  He wants things I know to be needed by the people.  Free everything nearly, while increasing wages (not viably but needed), removing money from politics, changing how we vote for candidates, and ending this corporate need to ruin the climate for the future but not for the present.  There are tons more but you can go to his website for that.


During Bernie Sanders’ rise to public love, I saw an interview on TYT with Jill Stein.  Though I am not a blacklivesmatter supporter like others would dictate I need to be, I fully understand the origin and plight of it.  I merely wanted to give it half a year to see how it evolved.  It’s not evolved well at all.  Jill Stein was asked by Cenk Uygur about BLM and I swear to this day, she paused as if she were a deer in headlights, and then chose to talk about all lives mattering; something only said when racists want to dull down the plight of black people being killed by those “sworn” to protect them.  Beyond that, I enjoyed everything she had to say and thought she should run and if she won, she could choose Bernie as her Vice President.  If Bernie won, I wanted him to choose Elizabeth Warren.


All Bernie supporters were shocked when E. Warren backed Clinton, and Clinton spoke as if she would be the VP.  I know I was hurt by it.  If Warren announced she was running for POTUS back in April of 2015, she would have had so much support, she would have ran unopposed, as Hillary believed she was going to do.  Warren did contemplate running back in February of 2015, but by March, she said she wouldn’t, and then in the middle of summer break, Hillary announced her candidacy.  Nearly one year later, Warren is now for her.  The donors told Hillary not make Warren her VP and Hillary chose someone else.  That broke it down to only Bernie Sanders until things got so close, that Bernie didn’t drop out of running, but claimed he would go to convention.  He did not do that (from what I understand) and had meetings with the establishment leaders, Obama, and Clinton, and now, he supports Clinton.  I honestly felt all hope was gone until TYT inadvertently advertised Jill Stein.


During TYT’s coverage of the DNC, they showed a few clips of Jill Stein and I liked what she had to say.  The reason I liked it, is because it has not changed after all these months.  Bernie compromised himself and maybe it was for a greater good..  I’m not against Bernie, but I need to be for someone who is not connected to the establishment or under their foot by any means.  I still didn’t trust Stein so I watched the TYT interview of old and new, and did not see what I saw before.  I watched it a few more times and saw nothing.  To this post, I will watch it again and check for what angered me.  With my guy out of the race, and in learning my lesson from supporting Obama, I know Clinton is full of lies and racism.


I watched three interviews with Jill Stein and I will go to her website and check that out a little bit.  Right now, I will say I am supporting Jill Stein.  I love the idea of going green and getting away from oil.  If we do, just imagine how much we would benefit from not being dependent on our enemies and allies’ supplies.  Yes it would create millions of jobs, not just thousands, and it would branch into other areas we desperately need.  There are no longer two parties; just corporations.  I’ve evolved in my own mind into leaving forced ideologies and thinking on my own and having a more informed opinion.  I can’t go with what they say anymore.  Not like I use to.  Hearing the right thing is not as viable as  knowing they will do the right thing for me.  I think we all need that mindset.  They need to be loyal to me, not I, being loyal to them.  It is just a way to make sure you keep your head clear enough to not be verbally tricked into voting for a sham.


This is open for discussion.  What do you think?  Will you vote for Stein?  If not, then who?


Donald Trump (Republican) Nukes are ok, 6 bankruptcies, hates Immigrants, promotes violence

Hillary Clinton (Democrat) blacks are super predators, war is a business, caters to corporations.

write-in Bernie Sander (Independent aka Democratic Socialist) Strongly anti-corporation.

Gary Johnson (Libertarian) A mix of heavy Republican and current Democrat (thus far)

Jill Stein (Green Party) For everything Obama swore to, and Bernie compromised on.

NOTE: The above is a superficial rundown of each.  Please look into things more.

Before making a choice, look a little bit into things.  As I said, I watch TYT, because I have no other place to trust in.  Meaning TV media is mainly establishment or Religious Right-Wing, so that won’t work for me.  Mayhap for you, but not me.


Thank you for reading.

Here is a debate of Jill and Gary back in 2012.  It’s nearly 1hr 30min long.


4 thoughts on “Bernie or Jill

  1. My wife likes Gary Johnson, partly because he’s from New Mexico and so is she. And partly because she likes his positions on various issues.
    I thought Bernie Sanders was the greatest thing since sliced bread until he buckled under pressure from the Democratic machine and endorsed someone he diametrically opposes. Now I’m lost; I hate both current candidates with a purple passion. You are right, they are two peas from the same pod. I like Jill Stein. If only because I like the Greens. Bernie still believes what he believes but dude, what did they threaten you with to make you endorse the devil? I still have no idea what I’m doing this November.

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    • I find it erroneous to like someone just because you share living states. It’s cool to think about, but that’s like voting for the freeloader who kicked you out of your own home because you’re from the same block. For me, I will go with Jill Stein. She is where Bernie was, and maybe even further. If anything, she is well versed in the medical field with personal experience as a Doctor. Voting your conscious is what you must do this November. Vote for the person whom best agrees with you, not who you agree with. If you are voting for anyone based on one issues, that will be a true wasted vote; same as if you vote because, “Meh, better than the alternative.” Don’t vote for one issue, and don’t not vote for the same reason. There may be something of Jill I strongly disagree with, and yet, I must think of the greater good. That is her thing and I stand by it. Vote for the great good, not the lesser evil. I hope this helps. If your wife votes for Gary based on many policies, then I support her vote, just like anyone who would vote for Trump, so long as it is their true vote for reasons beyond pride, anger, and fame. Good luck.


  2. It’s disappointing that Bernie had to succumb to the powers of his party. Maybe he would have garnered more success if he ran as an independent. Jill Stein may be more in lines with my thinking too. Certainly not Gary Johnson. That severe libertarianism is too much for me. But the deductions and research that have led you to this informed decision are admirable. But doing one’s best to vote your conscience can make you thorough in your search for truth.

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    • Gary, in that debate, was way too Republican and way to 80’s Democrat. What he was saying at the every end, was something I was agreeing with and it got me pumped. The guy is passionate when it’s something h has a deep feelings for. He doesn’t do the deadpan voice most try to retain during anything. Hilary wanted to sound passionate but her “not give a damn” poured out more than anything. Thank you for your comment. This is open for discussion. Talk people. who are you for? There is NO wrong answer if your choice is your own.


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