Working Hard to Get Ahead Equates to Insanity



When you grow up, you are all too trusting considering that you barely know the outside world and the effects it can have on you.  Some are told that if you swallow gum, it will stick to your insides.  If you swallow a seed, that fruit will grow in your stomach.  We’re told about the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, and current mythologies.  We hang on to anything our caretakers of any magnitude tell us.  This includes having to work hard.  We are taught, by a percentage, to be insane, and live with it, as sanity.


“Work hard, get an education and you’ll make it / get ahead / have a bright future,” and whatever else one can think of that they heard, or tell their offspring, or youthful peers.  Working hard, or (as some semantically put it), “hard work,” was ok when you were an apprentice learning at the expert’s side.  We don’t have that anymore.  You can’t learn what others learn while on the job and when you have shadowed well enough, you take on the same responsibilities; gaining equivalent-relative pay, better working conditions and anything equating to the level of your trainer.  The closest we have is an internship where you get nothing out of it beyond their endorsement to whomever you work for.  I could be wrong about the internship.  I’m only basing my assumptions off what I’ve heard from those in such programs.


Have you ever asked, “How can I get ahead?” and gotten an answer, or at least a reasonable one?  You can know more than the people you work for, and get the job done better, but since you don’t have “experience” or a degree you are pushed down.  Some of us think we know better, and yet, wouldn’t that be the best time to test them?  We all watch movies at some point, and at times, we may think, or shout, or say in a huff, “Give the person a chance.  It’s been long enough.” Or round-about something close to that.  I just wanted to give an opening to something that I think needs it.  Besides, working hard is a matter of perspective, and yet, that perspective is eye-opening to how our society functions, and how insulting it can be at all levels.


Have you ever said or heard, “Pshh, they/you don’t know what hard work is.”?  There are people who “break their backs” working in warehouses or construction, and can’t stand people who stand all day, pushing buttons and asking if they can take someone’s order.  Those people stand all day, their bodies ache since that is not a natural living condition.  Feet sore, back so tender it can be hard to get up once seated, and dealing with random people who don’t know what they want, or want what they want, just not from the correct establishment.  What I mean is a person wanting a Whopper while at McDonald’s, or people who complain to staff at Burger King because their fries are not like the ones at McDonald’s.  A server at a restaurant will certainly tell them they don’t know what hard work is, considering they deal with that, plus having to balance everything, get the order right, and hope they get tipped, because if the cook screws up, they are the ones to get hollered at.  They all are frustrated with their managers who can do the job sometimes, but usually bark orders and dictate everything they are trained for, but don’t know it all works on a social level.  Managers don’t train to know the job.  They train to run the people under them and keep the store sales flowing.  Is their job hard?  From what they’ve told me, it is, and that is based on concerns about whether the employees can do the job, so that profits are reflected and they don’t have to get a browbeating from the head manager, district manager or any other superior.  These people get angry at the ground workers; those people I mentioned in the opening of this paragraph.  It is a circle of anger, boasting, pride-through-pain, and wishing they had it better so they wouldn’t have to suffer.  It won’t end because no matter how hard you work, it will never be enough, and there is a reason for this.


There reason is why people hate corporations.  They control it all.  Blue Collar, White Collar, it doesn’t matter; you are not going to work hard enough to get what you want.  What you want, is what we all want; life security.  We want to live each day knowing we are secure where we are, and get the things that temporarily excite us as we trek through life.  At the end we can’t take it with us, so enjoying whilst we have is deeply important.  We can’t have that.  These big corporations are multi-leveled and each level has its own system that makes it so that everyone has to work hard for something they won’t get.  They want to climb the ladder and get that big paycheck so they can have the luxurious life.  It’s not going to happen.  Money today is happenstance more than skill.  Corporations have taken control by tunneling everything we need into a few tiny baskets and due to that, the economy is broken.  Let’s take Verizon or as I call them, Ver-fail-zon.  Because of them and the few other companies like them, competitive local internet is not available.  They used politics to buy zones and regions so that no other service is allowed.  They know how much people do not like them, so they make sister companies, and pass it off as a rival.  “Tired of your Verizon service, try Frontier, and see the difference.”  They control it all so people who wanted to be in that field as their own service, were put out of business, such as White Castle Solutions, and Ground Wire.  Anything related to an internet service were sued and considered defunct, despite the service being of equal caliber.  Their phone operators, truck drivers, installers, and more, are stuck where they are.  They work very hard at rigging things against the customer, because they don’t want to lose their job.  My service is with Time Warner, or as I called them, Timer-Burner, for how long it takes to get service back up and how long they keep you on hold.  These companies have placed so much red-tape, that people find it nearly impossible to start a business of their own, unless it is in the food industry, and that is hit and miss as well.  Working hard does not get you anything but angry at those financially above you while those very people complain you are not working hard enough.


In closing, think about what you hear, and what you see, and then look further into it.  Listen to politics more.  Hear candidates talk about, “Putting people back to work,” and “Getting America to work harder.”  It’s true.  There is no spin to this.  I don’t do spins unless I’m joking.  They are not talking about the 99%.  They are not interested in putting you back to work.  You are needed for Fog Words, Dog Whistle Politics, and such.  They use having no jobs as fuel to burn the ire of hate at immigrants, and people on welfare, whom they constantly cite as black people.  You know the Inner City, Thugs, Disadvantaged, Welfare Recipients, and Intellectually Challenged.  They need you to fight each other so they can help the “Americans” which once meant White People, but now mean, “Donors and Executives”.  You know some of the words as, “Working Class, Societal Contributors, Leaders, Job Creators and Struggling Capitalists.  Those who talk about working hard are often people who don’t know any other way to live.  Is that there fault?  In the light of being brainwashed into believing it, no.  In the light of having the capability of producing personal thoughts… yes.  I once overhead a conversation and someone said, “Work smarter, not harder.”  With the way corporations have ruled over the people that will be hard.  The only thing we have left is video advertisement revenue.  How long will it be, before that’s taken, too?


Thank you for reading.

One thought on “Working Hard to Get Ahead Equates to Insanity

  1. There’s nothing wrong with working hard, as long as you’re working hard at something that you love. But struggling and toiling just because people say that that is what you ‘should’ do… That sucks. Working smarter is the best way; it’s just finding that smart way that can be daunting. Enjoyable post. I hope people read it and see it as a call for betterment, not laziness, which is what the republicans would read.

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