Rant: Vote Your Conscience


            That is the thing going on for the NOVEMBER elections.  What I can’t understand is why no one is saying to write in Bernie’s name.  I can’t figure it out.  Thanks to our oligarchy guised as a democracy, our republic is rendered into voting zombies.  Right now, there are TWO choices; Trump, and Clinton.  Why?  Because the paid services of the billionaires used the media, and the tag-a-long mindset of everyone to guide them into voting for what is popular.  They knew beyond the shadow-of-a-doubt, that Clinton would win every single uneducated voter that recalls a good time in their life being under her husband’s leadership.  The uneducated voter will not research much on the candidates and scream at the top of their lungs for a for-sure thing; Hillary Clinton.  Trump came along after nearly three years of pandering, and half-ass debates among more than 20 republican candidates that was crushed down to 16.  Trump came in and was the Bernie Sanders of his group.  he spoke about removing money from politics, and vaguely speaking on having a “better life”, and “making things better” without any substance.  This was a shit-show of pop-culture from the start and the only ones to blame are the voters for not having any standards beyond who they like for what shallow reason they make up.

So many people shout it’s too late for Bernie when not one is bright enough to use their education and vote for who they believe is best.  There are republicans out there who did some research and despite knowing Bernie would be best, they rather vote for Trump because he’s their assured winner.  There are other candidates such as Jill Stein.  I’m not voting for her.  She had a chance for my vote but during a TYT interview, she fully ignored any plight of minorities and undermined blacklivesmatter.  I’m not voting for anyone who doesn’t give a shit about everyone.  She’s mostly got a good thing, but I can’t give myself to a person who can’t care for every person in America.  For BLM, one could clearly see she didn’t have it on the foremost of her mind.  Bernie Sanders not only has it on the foremost of his mind, but he even let two fake protestors get on stage and shout nonsense.  How hard is it for people know how to vote for who they truly want?  You want Jill? VOTE for her.  You want Bernie VOTE for him.  You want Hillary or Trump?   VOTE for one of them.

I don’t like most of the people who ran or is running, even running in secret.  I’m not projecting my vote onto anyone.  You have the POWER to write a name in and if your state doesn’t want you to, MAKE YOUR STATE LET YOU DO IT.  Personally, I suffered through school.  I learned to read, write, understand, compare and contrast and all of that training WILL BE PUT TO USE.  People shout “VOTE YOUR CONSCIENCE” but not ONE will say, “WRITE your candidate’s name in.”  QUESTION: Do you know how POWERFUL that is?  Even if who you don’t want to win, does win, when they see the real numbers of the vote, it speaks far more than what some dumbass political advisors or pollsters can prove.  It will shatter their beliefs and ruin their marketing plans for media control and then, just maybe, force that kind of politician to run for office while creating that very part for it to happen.  Even if it doesn’t, your true vote on that day will cause the true revolution and display the real freedom of expression this country has been needing for many decades.

VOTE YOUR CONSCIENCE!  Go on and do it.  Get your mind-set, and vote for who you actually want to win.  You might ask, “How do I do that?”  It is very simple.  Just think about what you want for yourself and your family.  Really think about it.  Think about what you want, and who is going to give it to you.  Think about your political views and ask yourself if those are your views or the views you know others expect of you.  Do not contradict yourself.  CRITICAL POINT: “Do not represent your party.  Find the party that represent you.”  If you are conservative and do not want to give your money away to lazy people, think about that.  The way the system is, they give your money to big corporations as subsidies; a fancy words for welfare, while doing what they can to reduce welfare for the poor and/or struggling.  If you are a democrat and think everyone needs to work super hard for any one thing, while at the same time, wanting a free education, you will need to do some soul-searching as well.  Research your views and listen to more than your bubble of talking heads for information.  I listened to a few on all front before I settled on TYT.  Thanks to them, they are exploiting other news outlets online for someone like me, a progressive.  Learn the coded words these people say and what they really mean.  That way, you can get an understanding of their real moral compass.

If your friends do not share your outlook, that’s fine.  It doesn’t matter.  They are NOT you and should not define you.  You vote your way and they will vote theirs, or at least the way they think they need to vote.  Inform them of things.  Have a friendly conversation and don’t defend your political beliefs.  Don’t get in a hissy-fit over things that you can’t change until the day you vote.  RELAX.  Hear the other side and think about things personally in terms if YOU had to go through things.  You hate welfare?  You live well?  COOL.  Think about welfare if YOU were making 7 bucks an hour.  Don’t argue about “They gonna give 15 bucks soon,” or “Well find a better job.”  That’s the talk of a dick.  We all know it.  You know it when you say it, if you are the type to say it; of course.  We are thinking about NOW.  HERE AND NOW.  You are living somewhere, in a place you can barely afford, making 7 bucks per hour, and you still have not bought food, supplies or paid any bills, and the mortgage is behind because you used your last check to buy groceries and keep the lights on.  Even if I made 200K a year and lived as if I made 20K I’d FEEL that kind of person and think they NEED all the help they can muster.  If I could buy a politician, it’d be a progressive and that person BEST help the poor as I know I would when and where I could.  Break yourselves out of that stupid bubble and use some goddamn empathy.  VOTE YOUR CONSCIENCE and exercise your right to write.

“Your CONSCIENCE needs to be your out-of-bubble research.”

PERSONAL NOTE:  I was upset when I started this and wanted to write with that fuel.  HOWEVER, I lost the rage after the second paragraph as I begin to think clearly.  At the end, I used all caps to try to rekindle my emotions.  I failed, but I still wanted the audience to think I was ticked off.  Thank you for reading.


Click the link for my future vote.  If I can’t write, then fuck it.



One thought on “Rant: Vote Your Conscience

  1. They push the lesser of two evils, and they push it hard. The Clinton Campaign would rather push that than to make strides to actually earn Bernie supporters. And in truth, any strides that they attempt will be half-hearted and false. We know where her allegiances lie. Using your own mind and making your own choice, no matter who your choice is, is the best way to go. That way you can face yourself from this point forward.

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