Fog Words: Pokémon Go




Pokémon (Po keh mon) Short for Pocket Monster


(Japanese) ポケモン (Poh Keh Moh N) The “H’s” can be omitted.


People are walking around, heads buried in their phones, playing a game that for once, gets them out of the house and doing something.  Just ten years ago, on western media, the complaint was that kids stay inside playing games and don’t get any exercise.  They had talking points, and there were even legislation on the table.  Roughly ten years ago, there were acts to further deregulate banks, and deals for oil companies to clean up their mess…  on the tax payers’ dime.  But people barely know of it because the airwaves were on Pokémon back then as well.


People can’t wait to freak out.  They do it every second of the day.  They just stand around, like 0.0 waiting for that moment to be like O.O and shout, “SEE!  SEE I TOLD YOU!  OH-MY-GOD!  AAAAAAGGGGH!!!”  Exaggerating?  I wish.  Then I’d not have to see those faces while out.  People freak out in simple questions. “Aah!  What’s Pokémon Go?  Is it safe?  AH!!  People are looking at their phones!”  And this is all because of how western media covers it.  It’s just Fog Words.  While the TV and internet is inundated with rhetoric on Pokémon Go, people are ignoring their political leaders.  Hillary Clinton was giving a speech before a closed audience or as they would label it, “town hall” and despite her saying nothing for 20 minutes, and a few things that should have scared the hell out of people and let her loyal followers know who she really is, all she had to do was abruptly change gears and make a pathetic joke using Pokémon Go and her words were fully forgotten, and forgiven.  What was her language?  “People need to, ‘ Pokémon  Go’ to the ballots.”  She was talking about the youngest audience of 18 to 25 when people of all ages play the game; thus her disconnect from daily life.


I have a solution or two for this.  While it is said that people have died from playing this game, the truth is, that they didn’t die from playing it at all.  They died while not paying any attention as the game screen is not in true scale and thus things are offset from where they actually are.  People died, because they naturally don’t pay attention.  I call it population control.  During rush hour; who will survive?  Person A, obeying the rules of the intersection, or Person B who just has to get where they want to go, and dart out into the street?  Walking or driving, the risk of Person B dying is far greater; for those who don’t know or was not contemplating the answer.  Do not let… and I mean LET, the media, and panicky people cloud your eyes in their fog.  Just know that it’s a game, and people play it at their leisure. Anything beyond that is if you care to play it or not.  That’s it.  Are you interested in something harmless, or not?  “But CR, people DIED playing it!!  O.O  AAAAGGGHHH!!!!”  I give you, the deadpan look -.-.  I just explained all of that.  Keep your wits about you.  The human animal is prone to “What’s that!?  Where is!?  Whose there!?”  Calm down.  Play the game or not.  I think you can just walk about your own yard for all your days and still collect them all.  If not, then wouldn’t you have to tour the planet to catch them all, and if so, need to go into the ocean to get the water-type Pokémon?  Critical-thinking is fantastic.


Again, do not let the media, and their slave-minded followers fog-up your view of the world.  Keep it clear, honest, and take notice that Hillary not Bernie are not talking about the TPP anymore.  It’s a horrible act that will cost the U.S.A even more jobs.  What deals did Bernie, as a leader, have to make for rhetoric against the TPP to end, and Hillary to talk like a Progressive, instead her usually oratory that is mostly center-right, and highly Corporatist?  Evade the fog.


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