To Whom Does #blacklivesmatter? Part-1

“To Whom Does #blacklivesmatter?”


For ages, the African-American people of the United States of America have been oppressed, and any other word meaning abused, raped, and robbed.  Blacklivesmatter is not new.  It has been around since the first Negro slaves were set free and sharecropping with the K.K.K. and Jim Crow Laws arose.  It’s an old tale and old information that is barely known and for those that do know it, they take it to heart or find a way to twist it into sainthood.  There was many attempts as equality that were shot down but in time, with the help of Americans whose apathy was forced into sympathy, and transitioned into empathy, they got their legislative equality.


After a while, the African-Americans were more or less at rest.  Nothing was heard of on mainstream news and radio.  From the late 60 even into the late 80’s you could hear a powerful need in one’s voice say, “Stay strong brutha.”  “We as a people.”  “Keep the faith in your fellow-man.”  There were many more but those were the most prevalent I heard.  Here are a few questions.

(1) What caused blacklivesmatter?

(2) What does it mean?

(3) Is it effective?

Now keep in mind, that these are my observations, and predictions.  I speak for no one else.


First, I’ll tackle what created the movement.  The truth is out there, known and yet obscured from most people.  Let me explain the most important thing within all of this: disproportional demographics.  Whites make up about 79% of the USA while blacks make up about 13%.  That leaves 8% for a whole host of things that by now should be in their own double digits in population, but I digress.  Whites are shot and killed more (going on statistics) than blacks.  Blacks are shot and killed far less (going on statistics) than whites.  This is because whites make up the majority of the country, and blacks make up one of many minorities, and yet, they are not the leading minority.  That belongs to the Mexicans.  In a TYT post, and on Facebook against Steve Mullins, I used a compare and contrast to explain disproportionate statistics.


In the USA, we have around 450,000,000 (450M) people, and in Asia there are around 3,500,000,000 (3.5B) people.  If a catastrophe struck and Asia lost 450M people, they will be fine whereas the USA would be extinct of people; a first national genocide.  It is the same for numbers in who is killed by cops.  A hard count of blacks in the USA places their number at 45,000,000.  It would take a racist to say, “See, there’s plenty of them.”  I get it.  Some people would just find it a funny joke, and mean noting racial by it.  There is room for nuance, so it’s ok.  A joke is a joke, so long as all are in on it.  When cops kill white people it is not news for many factors.  It can’t be racial.  Plus, whites are safe to carry guns in the open, in open-carry states and in some cases, even point the gun at the cops without being fired upon.  In few cases, cops have simply murdered whites for the fun of it.  There’s a reason for it.  This is not that blog.  So I am moving on.


Now that, that is out-of-the-way, maybe there is an opened door through the black wall of broken information, and people can understand a few things deprived to them in the past.  Ok, what caused it?  Rage.  Simple as that.  Was it black rage?  No such thing.  Was it just them being naturally angry?  No such thing and that is racist propaganda.  There are many cases of police ruining lives or allowing civilians to ruin the lives of black people.  I’ll list those below with only the facts released by police, and what I can recall in full from reports from witnesses.  The cause of the whole movement is the ongoing slew of blacks killed for no logical reason.  It’s often by white cops and those cops never face punishment.  TYT’s Cenk Uygur joked that the only way a black person won’t get killed by a white cop if he’s unarmed, naked, and not posing a threat.  It was a few months later, his joke was make serious.  The frequency of black people slain simply increased and still, that was not what sparked it.  What sparked it was the lack of coverage by mainstream media.  Then, Trayvon Martin happened.  George Zimmerman found himself in a tussle with the young boy and shot him in the chest, killing him.  When the situation finally made it to FoxNews, they smeared him as a fatherless pot smoker with gang affiliation.  They showed him in poses that would befit that of a gang, and with people here and there, but yet, even today, there was, and is no evidence of him being within one.  They did such a great job using the propaganda that their targeted audience didn’t think about if being associated with a gang was a cause for murder.  They were not even told of how it happened.  Therefore an informed choice could not be made in terms of a personal perspective.  They only knew of Trayvon as a druggie, and gang member killed by someone using their 2nd Amendment Rights.  After that, there were so many of the same cop killings, and media smearing that black people had enough and on social media, where at the time hash tagging was popular, #blacklivesmatter was tweeted, and people joined in, who felt that pain.


Second on the list is the meaning of it.  People, even today, want to know what it means.  That answer is simple, and now.  It means that the lives of black people are just as important as white people.  That message was quickly answered by racists as, “AllLivesMatter” as a way to strike the #blacklivesmatter movement as racist.  In the world of bubbles many whites do live in, it makes sense.  They never experience racism.  They are never turned down for a job, told who can’t marry, and then wrongfully exploited in movies based on the color of their skin.  They know nothing beyond their walls so when they see, “#blacklivesmatter”, they see, “#blacks matter & whites don’t.”  It’s highly understandable, and yet, while those people are fed misinformation, they side against a cause they still know nothing of or about.  If they had a neutral outlook on black people, it is negative now, and teaching them different may be as hard as peeling an orange and unveiling an apple.


Black Lives Matter.  Three words, deep meaning, deep pain, and if this was not a racist country, it would not be needed.  Black lives matter a lot just as all lives, however keep this in mind, that all those lives are not being taken.  Those lives are spoken of as people with family, friends, colleagues, and dreams, while blacks, Muslims, and others are spoken of, as Sarah Palin puts it, “They are not people.  They are thugs.”  Logically speaking, thugs are people, too; just like corporations, but without the political power.  Should thugs be able to donate all the money they acquire for political gain?  When a black person is killed, the news will talk about their criminal past, or any run-in with the police, the possibility of drug use, any domestic anything, and the trouble they caused that yanked the cops right to them – guns blazing.  When a white person is killed, they talk about their mother, father, siblings, their career, goals, dreams and peers; you know, like a person.  I know it might be hard to believe, but next time it happens, or if you can find the numerous reports online, listen to them.  You have to turn off, “I’m taking it in without thinking” and turn on, “What the hell are your words and what are their meanings?”  It sounds like semantics but it is far from it.  Take Bill O’Reilly and his rhetoric about black people.  Checkout a TYT video on YouTube titled, “Bill O’Reilly: Black Lives Matter Is Killing Americans.”  Often times, his “talking point” has sources he won’t name; because he is the source.  He uses a few dog-whistle words, but the one that got under my skin was, “race hustler.”  It is within the first 1:43 of the show.  Just note a few things.  He talks about “Talking Points” as if HE isn’t that whole segment.  Two, listen to where he places emphasis, and his pauses.  It is a tactic used for people not using present thought.  They heard him talking and eventually settle into head nods and then not fully paying attention.  Suddenly a word gains a bit of volume and the listener looks to see what it is.  They hear the word without pondering the clarity of the context.  All the while, their minds are hooked on the subject and their preconceived judgments.


Lastly for this, the question on if the movement is effective.  If you read the front page of CR here on, then you know all I’m going to include.  The movement has a noble calling but there is something wrong.  Thus far, there are no direct leaders.  There are protest leaders, but no leaders of the cause.  There is no one to demand new legislation, speak on behalf of the movement, or pull the people (black or white or other) together against during and most importantly after something is achieved.  From my time in black communities, I have not seen black people helping each other.  They live around each other and form a few bonds here and there, and yet, as a community they miles apart.  In a lot of white communities, they offer advice, financial aid to neighbors, and that doesn’t mean they don’t cause a ruckus here and there.  Blacks do such things for those within their community that are close enough.  You don’t have to take my words as fact.  Just go visit one, get to know some people, see how it is to get close to someone, and then see how that person treats you, opposed to others, and even then, anything of assistance can be sketchy.  This is about back people within the movement, and as far can I see, from what I know, they’ll gather in the streets to chant and shout, but when the moment is done and people finally go about their way, which becomes the problem; they just go about their way.  I’m being very general because for the moments and areas where they beyond that and go to a blacklivesmatter meeting, or gather up and try to figure out what to do next.  I cannot help but notice that the protests are in their soul, about blacklivesmatter, but when they protest, it’s not that at all.  Their protests are about the moment, that current matter at hand, and even then, what are they protesting.  What is their message?  If they have one, why not chant that, and chant it where it matters: Capitol Hill, their senate, their votes, and their community joined for the better of their community.  These things and more than I can think about, can be attempted, and returned to if need be.


Blacklivesmatter is too out of sync with no true unison, and because of that, they appear as delinquents joining together to band against the cops, or the bad cops, or any person against saving black lives.  While there are some small community activists, that is not a leader, but does have promise.  They need those one, or two main voices to speak loud and clear for them.  They need to organize and get their affairs in order to make sure they have the time to protest or meet up.  As I said, I’ll go over a few cases.  I’m adding that I’ll go over the one that informed me of everything that was going to happen.  That was Trayvon Martin.


Trayvon Martin informed me that something was going to rise up once more.  I thought it would the Black Panthers, or something militant.  It would be a few months before that would be confirmed.  People want to say it was self-defense, but then again, those same people would also be after blacks as if in “Rosewood” if they could.  That whole scenario was pathetically covered by mainstream media, and thus, it began the normalcy of surface racism, and public, shameless executions of blacks.


From opening to start, Zimmerman was on the phone with the police, while following Trayvon.  Zimmerman was angry as he spouted racial slurs followed by, “And they get away with it, too.”  The officer responded to Zimmerman’s confession about following and told him not to do it.  Zimmerman followed him, hung up, and in the lightly rainy night, wearing a hoodie with the hood up, and toting ice tea and skittles home to his father, the community heard him shouting for help.  Nearly half of the gated community heard him shouting for help and the only person to know what happened, was his girlfriend.  Trayvon told her a guy might be following him.  He talked to her for a short time about it, and then turned to confront Zimmerman.  I doubt a fist fight took place.  I believe more a poor grappling tussle; one that the young boy gained a sloppy mount on the ground.  By then, he sees the gun and begins screaming.  Zimmerman shot him, and turned him over.  After that the police picked him up.  A man, who has used a gun to kill, was armed when they confronted him, and he taken into custody.


At the station, George Zimmerman walked around un-cuffed, laughing with officers and had no injuries to show.  It was discovered that Zimmerman has tried to be an officer before but failed the tests.  His gun was licensed, and he’s gone on police rides and such.  He was well-known at the local police station and was also a bother with call-ins and reports after stalking and spying on people.  It was weeks before anything relating Zimmerman to anything of the altercation.  There was the bleeding of the back of his head, and a cut on his face.  At first, and people forget this, it was reported that Trayvon had a gun, and then a knife.  It was weeks before it was discovered he had no weapons; weapons said to provoke Zimmerman.  Zimmerman was provoked for a few day, before it turned into Trayvon attacking Zimmerman, and then back into being provoked by the hoodie.  Then the story moved from Trayvon into talks about the hoodie.  There were talks about legislation against hoodies; everything about hoodies.  I call that “Fog Words” and “Fog Word Politics.”  Reason being is that they created a whole plight with the hoodie and gave it representatives as hoodlums, ruffians and gangs.  Oddly enough, if there were never a case code words, whites took more offence that anyone else.  When that happened, the rhetoric turned into the usage of, inner city, thugs, and drug users.  Then, blacks were offended, but in addition, the whites were not over it, and were still showing off their hoodies, just like their black counterparts, in the day and night.  There was racial unity, but only under a hood.


At the end, not only did Zimmerman go free, but he’s stayed in the lime light.  The most notable one was when he was cut off by someone on the road, who he stalked and confronted.  He told the guy, “Do you know who I am?  I’ll fucking kill you.”  I shook my head on that one.  I believed at the time, which with everything of how this case went down, someone needs to sue the police for not doing their job, and withholding evidence.  I’d sue the jury for their bias; what was confirmed by three jurors.  I felt that even Obama needs to interject into the matter.  Obama gave the regular condolences and short speech of suggestions, but nothing he will pursue.  He was not the first to die like this, just the first in a gates community.  If blacklivesmatter wants to succeed, it needs a policy, and gets everyone on the same page.  I wish them well, and I wish them luck.



2 thoughts on “To Whom Does #blacklivesmatter? Part-1

  1. Although any many places all over the country for decades, police brutality has been a constant companion for blacks and other under-represented communities. But the past eight years has seen an increase in frequency and in magnitude. This should hurt the heart of every American, because we are all Americans and we are all the same. The blacklivesmatter movement is a needed movement; it has all the vigor of youth and outrage but no national or international organization; no leadership. If they can find that key to the puzzle and an outlined agenda; they will have the power to propagate the change we need in this country.


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