My Thoughts on the Dallas, Texas Shooting



This will start one way and end another.  I won’t go with final thoughts, and social quos like other people.  You’ll get to know how I felt from beginning to end on this subject.  If this is too short, I apologize.


I heard of this on The Young Turks and at first, I fully didn’t care.  I don’t really care now.  There is nuance so hang in there.  The reason I didn’t care is because how the U.S. allows cops to kill people without persecution.  Yes, people are angry.  The problem is: there is where it ends.  Those who do press the matter and actually take action must jump through a series of lengthy tiny hoops with specific instructions for each hoop, and at the end, they find a cheap settlement and the officers face no charges, no prison time, and not even an indictment.  Since cops have killed over 1,000 blacks in the past 1.7 years to this date, I find no need to care about some cops that I don’t know, would never meet and if I did, might beat my head in and then shoot me.


ME: [Waving] Hi!

COP1: [Shooting] GUN! GUN!

COP2: [Shooting] Something didn’t sound white!  Shots fired!  Shots fired!

Media: He had no record, but he said mean things on the internet, didn’t mind people doing drugs and ate edible weed a few times.

White Racists: He was trouble and got what he deserved

White People: He didn’t deserve that! What is wrong with people?

Black People: [Shaking their head] Damn man…. damn… another one.


That is what played out in my head about a general meeting with cops.  Most will hate what they read so far, and some will be apathetic or think I’m crazy.  Trust me.  I’m not crazy. [Evil grin].  Anyway, I didn’t care at all and THAT was just reading the headline.  I clicked the image in the email account and watched.  I was annoyed because these cops were chillin’.  They were hanging out with the protestors, taking pictures, smiling and just doing something we don’t see any more: their civic duty.  I can give these cops a benefit that racists won’t give minorities: whatever these cops did in their past or under cover of night, they were innocent to this sniper and being killed was totally not just for this particular situation.


The cops all represent each other.  They all protect each other, and the few that have not, have been tossed out as a pariah, and in the past, have been murdered.  Black people have been getting the shit end of the stick for centuries, so it is hard for a lot of black people to feel sympathy.  Few black people will cheer on the death of the cops and say, “How ya’ll like it?”  I can’t blame them for it.  Some see it for what it is: bullshit.  Just general bullshit.  Cops killing blacks all over the place without remorse, and here and there a few cops get killed in emotional justification or plain fear.  It’s a cycle that won’t end, and for me, that’s a stupid routine.  Something has to give and for this, it’s the cops.  Retrain yourselves.  Stop killing people just because you have the power and license to.  Stop hiring mentally ill cops.  Fully evaluate trainees and do full background checks like you do your suspects.  If you find some that are racist, murderous, or have certain group association, then disqualify that person.  FOREVER.  Investigate your own cops and if you find anything as mentioned before, including on-job activities via private interviews with peers, then get rid of the cop.


When I worked at Food Lion, I worked Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, from 9am to 12am at the latest.  I made $5.05 and that was back in 92′.  The manager came to me and said a customer complained of me setting a jug of milk on the bread and eggs, crushing them.  I asked, “When?”  He said, “Wednesday.”  I could have challenge it, but he sets the schedules, and knows I don’t work those days.  The look in his eyes expressed he knew he was wrong, and yet, he stared at me as if trying to back me down.  Yes he was white, but even then, I was not thinking about race.  I just saw it as a person disliking me, because that is what I was use to: general dismay from everyone but like three to five people.  A week after that, I was fired but not like you think.  They just didn’t schedule me.  I was persistent.  I went in checking each week for two months before giving up in November.  Peers at school mentioned in passing about me fucking up and being fired while others said I walked out without a reason.  I cared nothing for Food Lion or the people in it.  When it closed down, I didn’t feel a damn thing for it.  It was gone and I moved on.  It wasn’t justice, but it was ok enough.  That’s how a lot of people feel about these cops.  Some died.  So-damn-what.  Maybe they will get it and stop killing us; the poor, the weak, the mentally ill, the minority, the unarmed, and the compliant.  Cops have beaten a 10 or 12-year-old and their excuse was, “I thought she was 16”.  That sounds like they wanted to fuck up someone just because they were 16.  Yes, she was black and in front of her home.  I was lied on and to, and lost my job, while these guys are abusing people, killing people, escalating any situation into a gun fight, and they not only keep their job, but are called, heroes.


At the end of the day, what I do know is this:  These cops had family, friends, and obviously trusted civilians.  The death of these people, yes PEOPLE, has gravely pained those they were connected to in.  It is no different from the people killed by cops.  We ALL are PEOPLE and WE have relationships with PEOPLE.  The only people, who are evil in this, are the people who have a racial bias and spread it.  Take a hit, and unlearn your hate.  Stop your biases, and see the black people slain as PEOPLE and stop buying into the media smearing EACH ONE OF THEM as a thug, gang member, drug user or dealer, or once in their life committed a crime that they paid for.  Just stop the hate and see them as that good person sitting next to you watching TV and having a good time.  You know why?  Because if they were not killed, and there were no racial bias or hate, they just may have been doing just that; watching TV with you, having a good time.


Killing the cops doesn’t solve anything.  If history proves anything, they will come back in force.  Cops are already the single most panicky people in the country.  What we have are a force full of Tackleberry with a Shaggy and Scooby freak out level.  We are all people, and need to treat each other as just that.  Maybe it will end up like this.


ME: [Waving] Hi!

COP1: Hey!  Where ya headed?

ME: Need a 20-sided die for a game I’m making.

COP2: Oh, what kind of game?

ME: Wrestling.  Love it.

COP1: [Confused] But, wrestling is fake.

ME: [Grinning] Not in my game.  If I get it done, maybe you can help test it out, unless you know someone.

COP2: My niece and nephew are into that kind of stuff.  I’ll talk to them.

ME: Oh cool.  Thanks.  [Pulls card from pocket] Here’s my card.

COP1: I’ll take one.

COP2: Yeah after I said something.

COP1: [Looking off] Hey buddy?  You!  It’s a billion degrees out here and you’re in a trench coat?  Really?  Hands up and against the wall!  Don’t make me draw my gun!

COP2: We got ya cards.  Move it.  Get inside.

ME: [Moving on] Oh shit… thanks.


Wouldn’t that be a better place to live?  Oh don’t worry.  The guy wasn’t bad.  He gets rashes and blisters when exposed to sunlight.  They let him go and apologized.  We talked about dice inside and the game he’s creating.  Let us trying ending… Tackleberry Syndrome.

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