Labels & How I Currently See the Future

PREFACING: The following questions are from someone on Facebook by the moniker of, Kelsen Key, who had some great questions.  My anger at Facebook, pride in myself and respect for these questions, will not let me, in good conscious, post this on Facebook.  I hope you all are pleased.  I cannot answer each question in full detail of how I feel as I think two to four page replies on each question would be way too long.  So please understand, I tried to give enough to be clear, but not so much it looks like a textbook.


Q: I was unsure if you’re labeling yourself as the angry black guy or is that is a label that you feel is given to you unfairly?

A: I was not labeling myself as that.  I don’t even think I used the word, black, anywhere.  However, the term is used all over the place to describe black people, you instinctively know what I was saying.  You are the only one to even say anything about it.  Yes, that was given to not only me, but people like me unfairly.  There was a heated argument where I posted a metaphor of strong content at Devon.  She took it the worst way possible, and her family member turned my retort into a religious argument, and from that moment on, I was judged, chastised, and falsely quoted.  When I explained how their words were insulting and wrong, they claimed I was attacking them, and being angry.  This carried on to another person I was speaking to, and she saw the original argument so when I voiced my opinion plainly, she read me having a tone, and her friends dubbed me as belittling her, being angry, and hateful.  Since I can’t escape being the angry man/person when I retort, I end with that, while speaking my mind without holding back, as I have done for far too long.  Sadly, for black people, that is what was also passed down to keep them away from better living and being seen as just a person.  Whites further back than the 1900’s spread the word of the angry black man.  When that is heard enough, people believe it.  They spread it, and their kids and friends believe it.  The spread never stopped and here we are.

Q: I’d like your opinion on a comment I saw somewhere else. This was written by a black woman and I’m not saying I disagree with what she wrote or that I feel differently. “I don’t know how to feel. The most recent shooting is fueling the fire of hate between races and I think it should be bringing us together to stop the police from shooting any of our citizens. It is disproportionately black men that are targeted by the police and killed in front of their families.”

A: What she says is true, if not too many shootings too late.  Within the past two years, over 1,100 black people have been killed by cops, and this is not including the people heavily harassed, and/or bullied by cops.  Race issues are just that, issues in the terms of something being crazy.  Racism is crazy.  Crazy is best defined by the example of doing something repeatedly, expecting different results.  Nearly each case, a cop has killed someone in front of a wife, kid, girlfriend, and small group of people.  It is often in daylight hours and the surviving victim has to act as if nothing has truly happened.  This is to help the person stay calm because they know they are one reasonable outburst from being murdered as well.  Cops are trained to shoot first, talk later, and that is by the academy.  Think about what they are taught by their fellow officers in private.  Imagine being in the car with someone you care about or love and you lived the life knowing you will never have the respect of simply being a person.  Then add to that, that someone who “represents” the people of where you live has a gun drawn on your loved one.  You’re not hated for your race, or skin tone.  You are hated because you live in the rear of the neighborhood, and people there make 10K less than the rest and you hear about people in your bracket being beaten.  You hear it every day and see it far less than half the time.  You hear about the richer people sneaking in and raping your kind.  Add that information with your loved being shot, and the officer holding a gun at you, and instructing you.  You may have an understanding that “talking back” might end your life.  It’s one thing to comply with an officer.  It’s another to comply, because it may end your life if you don’t.  She speaks with great hope, and reasonable answers.  I just wish everyone could join in.

Q: The generation coming up today knows the world isn’t a safe place and isn’t growing up disillusioned by their government. Do you think the kids growing up now are going to be any; more tolerant? Less willing to accept the status quo? Do you think the old-world racism has been passed down to them as well?

A: It’s all up to that kid and how that kid grows up.  There are kids that only grow up in their area for nearly three decades.  When they first hear about racism, they have no clue of how it feels because their people won’t be racist towards them.  They will be jerks in other ways.  They will be kind in other ways.  So a lack of understanding and unwitting denial takes hold.  When that happens around a minority of that current subject, an argument will take place.  Will future kids be more tolerant?  I doubt it.  Parents teach their kids, and their kids teach their friends or find people like them to make friends.  With the country being mostly none-multicultural tons of “race only” type communities, it will take a lot for kids to unlearn their indoctrination and spread peace.  In half a generation racism can end but adults are not willing to take a hit, and stop teaching, and being, or acting racist.  Kids are born not accepting the status quo.  They don’t want to listen to instructions, and when they get in trouble, they feel done wrong.  This is from being a toddler into being an adult.  I think people are far more tolerant, and behaved in their own area, but not with people outside of their area.  It’s a matter of perspective and personal experience.  Yes.  The old-world racism is passed down, and to me, it is an evil act; one that ruins this country and should be shunned by any and everyone.

Q: The world is not completely evil, in my opinion, we (all of us, together) just have a long way to continue to go and it will be an even better place in the future. What is your opinion on the future? Do you think it’s getting worse before it gets better? Generally getting better? Or getting even worse than it was?

A: My opinion of the future is not a good one.  People believed that racism was nearly dead if not fully eradicated.  That is because people got into their community, and knew nothing else, while the news would stop showing anything bad happening to any group.  People bonded in tiny groups of mixed races and things appeared great.  The problem was that people shifted their blame from the minorities, to the new minorities; gays.  There were reports of violent attacks against them, and it bothered me that none were called “crimes”.  Hatred for homosexuals is what spawned the phrase, “that’s gay,” and it’s not used positively.  The future is bleak.  We humans are so weak to take a hit and try something new, that we will not change.  We will keep ruining the air, the water, and the ground, and expect it to fix itself.  Remember the example definition of crazy I gave.  Like all things, before it gets better it has to get worse.  Where it gets worse is the fear that keeps people from making things get better.  We humans will only make things worse.  My reasoning for this is wrapped up with a ton of varying experiences.  I simply say, “It’s because it’s too easy to be good to others, and for others.”  It really is.  Racism was hidden underground.  If racism was the right way, people would not have to hide it.  No one hides things that are harmless.  When Obama became the nominee, the first question was, “Where did he come from?”  He was that under the radar as a person.  Then it came to him and McCain.  McCain’s supporters wanted him to, “Take the gloves off” and just call Obama every ugly name in the book; that thing Donald Trump is politely doing against Mexicans, and his African-American.  In either case, they and Hillary agree with each.  She doesn’t like Super Predators, and they must be brought to heel.  A vote for her or Trump is still a vote for racism.  Thus a main reason why I will “throw my vote away” and write in Bernie Sanders; because it’s all I can do to try to stop things from getting worse.  If a black man got the racists out, imagine what will happen if we elect the first Jewish person as our leader?


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