Cause and Effect: Cops, Racism & Blame

“Cause and Effect: Cops, Racism & Blame”



I got to ask this important question: What is wrong with all of you?  I know what’s wrong with me.  I want justice as dry, blunt, and irrefutable as possible.  How to get that justice is the tricky part.  The system must be fair, honest, and heavily without favoritism.  That doesn’t happen so I get pissed off.  Most people out there have an agenda based on how they grew up.  That term is true but heavily vague.  How they grow up is dire to their views of other people.  Just bare with me on this chopped up trek through time, and then, give me a chance to explain how to solve it.  Yes this is racial, but there are many other components as well.




He found islands off of America, hoping to find India and re-ignite the crusades for the holy land.  Instead, he found islands and found brown skin people to brutalize.  Rape, mutilation, body part trophies, and more lead to a full genocide and the bragging rights of someone we revere so much for finding this land.  Amerigo Vespucci found the land and thus we have America, but still, they thought they found a part of India and thus, ancient Chinese immigrants that crossed the land bridge connecting Russia to the U.S. were attacked because they looked like what the Europeans wanted to annihilate from the very start.




Slavery was something grossly done throughout the annals of time.  The British wanted slaves and knew where to get them.  They had a tentative relationship with those of North West Africa.  The Africans were at war and the strongest, took the defeated as slaves and practically did nothing different than what the US slave owners did.  They traded guns, something that would give the attackers an even greater advantage, for their defeated.  There were more defeated Africans that their ships could hold, so that should give a clue to the war-torn lands of Africa.




British occupiers of the new found land introduced the weak, starving, and diseased Africans with beatings until they accepted their new English names.  Whites didn’t care that they didn’t speak the language.  They wanted results.  Africans gave in, stood their ground or fought back with all they had.  They had kids, husbands, and other family and were ripped apart.  It only got worse.  There was no level of hate, disrespect, torture, punishment, or show of power that the slave masters would not go to for their own joy or release of anger at something else.  The masters, like most any one race, was curious and found the African females taboo.  Mutual sex was not going to happen, and protest lead to death.  This happened for a few hundred years.  During which slave owners feelings towards their slaves were stagnant until the government got word that their farming industry was being crippled by the very slaves themselves.  Most felt it best to release them but the government forced them to keep every single one and taxed masters for each slave lost.  The people could not stand up to the government, so they took it out on the slaves and their hatred amped up and found no way to fall down.–




Americans realized something: they are outnumbered.  They feared their slaves fighting back, and wanting to overthrow their masters.  Seeing as they did that with Britain, they had a good idea that someone pushed down enough, will eventually pop up.  They argued for legislation to be able to own, and use guns for self-defense against their slaves.  The Amendment was shot down a few times until something was tacked on to secure there won’t be a pointless massacre out of fear alone.  The Amendment was bolstered with the additive that with a well regulated militia, may then only that group of people be armed, and fully capable of self-defense.  It was against constables that would occupy an American’s home and even force liberties with the lady or daughters of the home.  People didn’t think of that too much, but it was added so the slave owners could have their guns, just in case an uprising took place.  They never thought that an uprising could not occur, if oppression was not a catalyst.




There was something passed down through the ages from Columbus to the Civil Right Movement and into today: Hatred towards minorities.  They are savage, uneducated, deserve everything they got coming, and they are citizen enough to collect taxes with heavy sharecropping rules and Jim Crow laws, but they are not being whipped anymore.  Black people wanted equal rights, to use any toilet, use any water fountain,  have the right to vote, and anything else white people could do.  Instead, whites were apathetic at best, while others taught their kids how blacks were ruining the country.  Through non-violent protests and media coverage to exploit how brutally disruptive blacks were, America got a glimpse at them doing nothing, while the police beat the hell out of them.  America got the chance to see cops, for the first time, being assaulted.  America finally was able to make an informed decision and that gave the movement the help it has needed.  Some of America joined in the Civil Rights movement and they were called “Nigger Lover” and some were even killed for siding against American values, but being supportive of a noble cause for equality.  When America got beat on, and went home bloody, their wives were not too happy and were scared.  A great deal of their wives joined in to stand by their man, and stop the oppression of (dare one say at the time of blacks) a people.  So many Americans came to aid the Negro community and cause, and as they suffered alongside them, they too began to understand their plight.  Americans who helped were phone tapped, stopped at check points, surveyed night and day, just like black leaders.  Ultimately the movement won, but that was not the end.  Getting corruption out of politics was next on the agenda, and suddenly, the one who was to lead that, MLK, was assassinated.  They stopped one movement, as another began.




The Black Panthers were about full on equality and abiding by the laws that America made.  They started out abrasive, in public, shouldering their rifles, loaded, and ready to be used; or so they wanted others to believe.  They were labeled an angry group, ready to murder anyone in sight, while some news stations were in the middle, and even interviewed them.  The cops were in their face at all times, and the Panthers returned their gestures in kind.  They stood up against social oppression, and wanted to take their rights by display of law.  They recruited, and grew, and the more they grew, the more news coverage they got.  The more coverage they got, the more America joined in.  America joined the Black Panthers for equality.  They would not need to join in if they already had equality.  Some of America sided with the Panthers.  The Panthers even went global to African and China.  The movement had to end.  The FBI and local police took advantage of emotional differences within the leadership, and with just a tiny push on hearsay, the head leader, began to turn on his co-leaders.  The argument began on TV, continued on answering machines, and it weakened the Panthers to the point they had no help.  America had faded into the background thus outreached social support vanished, and soon, cops were stalking the remains of the organization.  They hunted them down, and invaded homes, murdering everyone inside, and lied about how the ordeal unfolded.  The Panthers lived in harsher times, and helped communities as a whole get food, water, some shelter, and they did it off their own dime and time.  Another movement for equality killed off.  America retained the exclusive right to the 2nd Amendment.




The 80’s, 90’s, and early 2K’s were the eras where music really took over and began to join the races all over the U.S.  It was not like everyone joined hands or anything, but in tiny areas all across the country, music from Motown, to disco, to house, was performed by all races, so long as your voice and style fit the current trend.  You could find white guys hanging out with black guys and vice versa.  You found white girls and black girls doing the same.  It wasn’t rampant, but you could find them.  It didn’t mean racism was over, but it felt like a healing was taking place.  More like a 6-in gash with one stitch and the rest pushed together in hopes it will mend on its own.




While all seemed relatively well, there were reports of people being discovered as gay, and then citizens going to prison for killing them, or going to trial.  Everyone hated homosexuals.  It may have been worse among blacks.  They were blamed for creating the Auto/Acute/Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome a.k.a. A.I.D.S.  Each first word of the acronym was used when I was a kid, and homosexuals were blamed so people attacked them in preemptive self-defense, and more than ever, went to church to shun them, and hope God would smite them to save the world.  I heard people talk of killing any gay person they saw, or anyone who support them.  I just shut the hell up.  I felt that no gay person was hurting anyone, and then found that everyone around me, feared someone gay, having sex with them.  They actually feared someone gay trying to force them into a sex.  I was concerned for my safety as they had no control over their sanity.  I heard stories of homosexuals being beat up, and worse.  The news spoke of camps to help gay people “return” to being straight.  By the time 2004 came around, I suppose something happened and the right gay people got attacked, because suddenly, gays were people, too.  They were hated from a far on the news and local areas, but online, the hate was clear as I was introduced to “That’s gay”  The hate speech was obvious, and then it was masked as “ghey”, “gey”, “ghay” and “geh”.  When people hate, they just got to keep on hating, and when faced with their bigotry, they try to defend it.  When I hear it, I tend to hear, “I’m an idiot with a small mind and I must prove why that’s the best way to be.”  I tend to look on with a blank face when I realize nothing I say will get through.  I never understood people’s need to hate things that don’t affect them in any way, and if anything, can enrich their lives.  Sure, some idiot will ask, “How are two men fucking enriching my life?”  I shake my head at that because I promise you it has been asked.  The answer is simple, “First, it’s not two men fucking.  It’s a guy who wants to live and love like you do, and that person could invent something or say something that would make you see things a bit happier.  Maybe phrases that make you take up grooming a dog, or finding a new skill in welding or save your life.”  Gays got a break, and black people got some love when everyone shifted their hate to the Middle East.  Even comedians made light of it.  “Whites use to cover their purses when they saw us across the street, but now, when they see us, they hug us and thank us for being big and protective.  Hell, white people crowded me on a plane saying they feel safer around me.”  It was not funny to me, but I smirked with a nod and then shook my head thinking, “Enjoy it while it lasts.  We’re just one event from whites full out hating us again.”




In that game, after enough cards has been flip, triggered, and used from the hand and/or graveyard, a mistake may take place.  What happens then is all cards are removed from play, in the reverse order they were played so the players and the judge can find where things went wrong.  That is what our country is.  We have gone wrong in so many places, and no one is trying to see where it started, restarted, or keeps going.  Instead, people just keep making the same mistake, and thinking that anything is changing.  The parents will teach the children, the children will tell their friends, they all will watch movies and listen to adults talk candidly, and the cycle of hate just keep on going.  What happened?

(1) Britain enslaved Africans in the new land.

(2) British colonies violated everything about the Africans.

(3)The Africans submitted.

(4) The North needed to unite the Union with the Confederates and thus, slaves had to be freed.

(5) Free Africans were forced into debt for land and worked their whole lives to pay off cheap land.

(6) Negros wanted equal rights but needed a leader.  They got one.

(7) Negros wanted equality of the law and was killed for it.

(8) Blacks got their right to vote but were fought hard to not vote.

LISTEN, this is not “HATE WHITES” speech.  This is, “look at the order of things and how it happened.”  Still to this very day, whites spread hatred and apathy to the problem blacks face.  Cops who have been abusive to everyone since their inception, only target blacks because they are the powerless.  They know that nothing will happen, and racist people join the force, spread their message as they form their cliques, and for people who don’t want to abuse their power, they have to so they don’t get ostracized by their group leader, or worse.  A black cop will hurt a black man worse than a white cop.  He has to prove himself.  In addition, even if that is not the case, the minority cop, just like all cops, are trained to handle the situation and at all costs get home safely.  That means any hostility gets a gun drawn, and sudden movements get you shot, even if you obey the law.  It’s not just blacks, but mentally ill, poor whites, or assumed poor anyone, or blacks in expensive cars.  The cops are a private system of brutality that started back when they originated in the country to help keep the peace during saturnalia.  It is angering that this problem has not been solved.  It’s way too easy to solve.




How do you end racism in the U.S.A.?  The answer is so simple it will blow your mind and force you to retreat in a dark corner and shun the solution away.  HERE IT IS!  Stop being racist.  I’ll give you time to think about that.  Read it again.  Go ahead.  I’m talking to you white people.  I’m talking to you black people.  I’m talking to you Latino people.  I’m talking to you Islamic people.  I’m talking to anyone in, or coming to America.  STOP… BEING…RACIST.  Ok, you might ask, “How do I stop or get others to stop?”  I can answer that, too.  It’s still highly simple.  Stop fearing people based on skin complexion.  Get to know them.  SAY HELLO!  If you are next to one, watching a mutual game on TV or anything on TV, kindly get their attention and ask what they think about it.  It might be racial, it might not be.  HOWEVER, if it is, and it is against your race, let that person know that you don’t fit the bill so it’s not all.  DO NOT GET AN ATTITUDE.  Don’t dismiss them.  Ask if they view you that way.  If they retain civility, ask them if they want to chat about things, and find common grounds.  EVERYONE has bills, relationship problems regardless of sexual orientation, and debt of some kind.  Do you know someone who is racist?  Let them know that you’re not into that.  Tell that person(s) that it’s easier to help someone do some good, than be a part of the reason they need to fear or hate us.  Shun racism.  It might be your friend but look at it like this: your friend is holding you back from enriching the only life you get.  Look down on their racism.  If you see an interracial couple, smile at them, and if they look at you oddly, shrug your shoulders.




There will be those.  Learn them, and explain why you may not have such perks, or why you have such perks.  Something white people NEED to know is that black people became racist towards them, because they got sick of being beaten on, put down, forced into poverty, and lied to and on by America.  It is RETALIATION.  It was called reverse-racism before, and now to defend their bigoted views, whites are saying, “Racism works both ways.”  It does, but what whites need to understand, is they are part of the culture that started everything, and kept it going, even if they were not there.  Why?  Blacks have been traumatized over hundreds of years by Americans.  To keep things divided, whites in the media have called it black America, white America, and Latin America.  STOP IT.  If we are truly all AMERICANS then stop dividing.  White people, when you see a black man shot and killed on TV, stop your bullshit and think about that person being your brother, uncle, father, or whatnot.  Think of it like that: how you’d feel seeing your loved one killed and you have to stand by, watch, and at best complain, while you are being detained.  You can’t freak out and go wild with rage.  You have to retain your calm, and be obedient and know that you will never get justice for what happened.  Remove race, and introduce empathy.  Give it a try.  Black people, I get it.  “Whitey ain’t giving you shit.  Don’t trust them.  They’re crooks that control the country and hold down the rise of the black man.”  I get it, but you know what, it’s not all white people.  Give EACH one a chance.  If they give you that look, look at them and shake your head before moving on.  If they ask you anything in an attempt to start an argument, let that person know about the look they gave you.  They will deny it, because that is a natural human defense.  Let that person know they might not have thought about it, but it was a clear look, and instead of all this shit, break it up by looking to the sky, lower you head, extend your hand, and ask if they want to start over and be civil towards each other.  Stop ramping up your own anger and chill out.  Both sides need to do that.  It all began with whites enslaving blacks, blacks finally fighting back, and it’s just a civil war where one sides has all the weapons and power, and the other has the best hiding places, and wilderness survival skills.  When the ones hiding, actually fight back, all hell breaks loose and the true hell begins.  IT NEEDS TO STOP.  I’m no saint as I have my issues with both sides and all others in between.  We all have a ton of baggage and fears and that keeps every single one of us from doing what is right, and ending this bullshit.




Some people need to be shamed into doing something.  I’ll try it with reality.  Children, of age 2 to maybe about 10, don’t care about race.  They take notice the differences of their peers such as hair, skin, gender, eyes, and you know what; they are curious and just learning differences.  They have to be taught by outside forces to start looking down on one another.  They have to be taught to find things they don’t like, and associate that into a tribal mentality of that person is either accepted or rejected.  They notice skin first because it’s the most visible, and they have to be taught to reject certain complexions.  If they are not taught that, they will have a hard time developing it.  Stop the hate, by stopping yourself.  You are fully grown and inside, you know better.  Stop clinging on to crap taught to you that only harms you and those around you that have done nothing to you.  We are all people.  Scary piece of knowledge white people don’t know, is that they are not WHITE.  They are pale brown.  You’re all pale so in truth, you are rejecting your own people, what happen to not be pale.  I guess to be more accurate, you’re albino black people, and the most pale are albino pale black people.  And black people.  You are not BLACK.  You’re dark brown.  Your ancestors produced the albino blacks, and out of fear, sent them away to the Caucus Mountains, or so it is said.  Caucasian came from something.  At the end of the day we all are just coming reuniting, and it is scary going home after a long time away.  Stop being scared.  Open the door and say hello.  It’s been long enough.



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  1. This is a brief and telling history of the issues of this country, and simple, everyday solutions to solve them. Maybe we will all be able to follow this simple solution one day.


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