The Black Wall

The Black Wall“THE BLACK WALL”


What is The Black Wall?  It has many causes and forms, and they all fall into an inability to understand.  The lack of understanding is the black wall.  The wall can be any color, or substance, but please, don’t make it racial.  I call it the black wall because it’s a wall, and you can’t see past it.  The brick wall is used for when someone is refusing to listen, but it can still be used for this.  I’m prefacing because this will be short with some examples.


The black wall is very common amongst anyone; mainly when just attempting to find common ground on an issue, or explanation of something the other doesn’t know fully about.  In short, the recipient of the message just can’t get it.  That person doesn’t know why.  It’s like a brain fart of current received information.



Mark: The car turned left, and then went right down Briggons Ave., and then showed up later at the coffee shop.

William: Who’s car?

Mark: Donny’s.  You know the red mustang he got last year?  Nearly totaled it.  Only ugly mustang on the planet?

William: What kind of left turn was it?

Mark: It was left.  Left.  Left on Briggons Ave.

William: I’m having a hard time thinking about Briggons Avenue.  Where the…

Mark: Dude, seriously?  You met your last ex on Briggons!  You hated that street!

William: I mean – I know what you’re talking about but…  I’m just not seeing it.  What about the coffee shop?  Why is that important?  Which coffee shop?

Mark: Damnit William!  It’s the only java house on Briggons.

William: What?

Mark: [Thinking] I should wring his neck.


Has anyone told you to pick something up near you, and not only do you suddenly forget the subject, but they can’t recall what the item within the subject was?

Donny: Hey Mark, I need that right there on your left.  The uh… thing.  Get it before the water from the glass touches it.  I need to put it on the car today.

Mark: [Not looking around] Huh?

Donny: [Walking away] Hurry up and pick up!  I saw the water collecting!

Mark: [Looking down, perplexed] What’s it look like?

Donny: The thing – the damn… dude, the porous damn… on the table next to you!

Mark: [Lifts something out of the pool of water and dries it on his shirt] I found something!  It looks ok!  Let’s get it on!

Donny: I’m leaving you with my home dude while I pick up this girl in my new ride!  We’ll rock it out later!

Mark: I’m counting on it!


FINALLY!  Have you ever walked into a room to get something and forgot what you wanted or why you were there in the first place?  It’s like this topic of…  something I’m talking about.  You know?  That thing.  Don’t try to defeat it.  Back off.  Chill and just ask for more time so you can collect your thoughts.  It usually helps.  The main goal is to not start arguing over something that is not the fault of either person.  Good luck.


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