‪#‎BernieForGeneral‬ Exercise your right to write!
You get ONE last chance to make your vote count. Sure, most are “with her,” even though she laundered money, hates blacks, never stood up for latin people, or natives. They don’t care that her husband can’t stop breaking federal rules that he’ll never be punished for. Sure, anyone could have hacked her private servers. She told someone to never speak about it again. Nevermind her flip-flopping until Bernie finally spoke up so she could have something to shout, “I’d go further than Bernie!” Voting for her is like voting for big business to keep ruining your credit, stagnating your wages, and making sure the needy can’t get medical treatment. Drumpf… He’s not more dangerous. He’ll be controlled by the people he takes money from, what happens to be the same base that Hillary uses, but she was opposed to; Jeb Bush’s backers. Socialism is not Bernie’s end-game. It’s just a part of the game he knows our capitalist country needs for balance. Oligarchy is what we got with religious leaders making laws for society. It’s ugly out there people. We can make it pretty. We just need to fight THEM and not each other. Band together and shun the complacency that you all think is ok simply because you don’t feel any financial weight on your shoulders. Simply put: it is only a matter of time before you do, and then you start blaming mexicans for fewer jobs and more drugs and blacks for more crimes and both blame whites for being greedy and hating minorities. SHIFT the blame game from each other, onto corporations and who they support. Show support for each other and the only person, who is still in the presidential race that took money from YOU AND I, so that he only answers to YOU AND I. Bernard “Bernie” Sanders. #BernieForGeneral

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