Who Are You


For Reference on Being a Crow, click the link for the short blog entry on The Wicked Orchard.  Link -> Being a Crow

This question is asked throughout our lives in movies, when we meet people, and by strangers on the internet when our posts reach them through 3rd party operations or advertisements by the site we use.  This question is something we never ask ourselves.  Most of us may not ask ourselves this powerful question for the answers will lead us down a path we fear, or have been taught to fear.


We get up at some point of the day and as said day goes on, we look in a reflective surface a few times.  We see ourselves but only look cosmetically.  We rarely look as if our reflection should mean something.  The answer is hard to find for some, and for others it is either on the surface but buried, or just a bit buried, but known exactly where it is.


To find out who you are, you have to take off your clothes.  Wait!  Umm…  Not those clothes; the other clothes.  These clothes were put on you by everyone else.  You only chose the colors, and the patterns.  These clothes are your social standings, your religious beliefs, and political stances.  Don’t click away just yet.  Relax, calm down.  Don’t get all huffy and shaking your head without reading the rest.


The first layer we can remove is our social standings.  These are our “suppose to” ways of life.  What has everyone around us told us?  How we must act, dress, speak, enjoy, dislike, hate, and love, and even how to do it.  Did you stand a chance of using free will?  Consider that while you attempted to have your own interests, and I hope they were harmless interests, people told you how “we don’t do that” or insult you with “That’s something a fag or retard would do” and other negative verbiage.  The insults rarely match the situation.  If you can remove all of those forced social quos from you, then you are on your way to finding yourself and your own garments.


The next layer to peel back is the religious one.  I know I’m saying this in a country that is 79-89 percent religious and yet, I humbly request that you hang in there.  Please note, that while this is about removing layers to discover yourself, I am not saying that you need to leave your religion of take up a new one.  What I want is for a short time being, to remove your religion from your forethoughts.  Remove the things your peers and leader(s) says you should find as an abomination.  Ignore everything said on how to worship, spread the word, and recruit.  Remove the need to serve for just a few minutes and look at you in the reflection.  No social standings, and no orders on how to serve and worship.  Just you, with one more garment removed, and a new piece of your own choosing to adorn.


Finally, we need to remove the political part of your attire.  It is no different from the religious piece.  Politics will tell you the same things.  The leaders and followers will tell you what race to hate, what religion that isn’t yours to be aggressive again.  It will spread lies for its own agenda and even contradict itself in a state of conflicts of interests for two adjoined forced to achieve different goals.  It will take the people’s money and use it as its own while citing that nothing is for free.  It compels you, like the before mentioned two, to identify yourself with it, and not it with you.  Remove all the anger at what group of people, all the frustration at those who don’t agree, and the venom at those your political groups shame you into hating.  Remove that piece of garment, and stand before your reflection.  Look at you who are.  Do you still not full know who you are?  Then read one more paragraph.


Those that stuck to this are troopers, and I humbly thank you for your time and understanding.  To find who you are, just keep in mind that you are naked.  No social standings, no religion, no politics.  It is just you.  So where are your beliefs?  Do you need any?  Not yet.  Where do you place yourself against the next person?  You place yourself, with yourself.  You are trying to be a crow.  Look around you.  Look at the people.  Look at them in your mind, out your window, your door, or in your mind’s eye.  They are people, too, like you.  They are stripped of their ideological garments and you can see them for what, and who they are.  They wake up, go to work, or find a way to make money to pay the bills, feed themselves, loved ones, or live-in family.  They want to enjoy life itself.  They want to enjoy a lovely cloud, listen to a poem, hear an inspiring song; or song that fits their mood.  They want to have fun playing games; perhaps from their childhood.  They want to blow up a balloon, draw a picture, watch a movie, live comfortably, and just raise their family without worry of the before mentioned things telling them how to do it.  Some, like most, want something very simple.  They want to stand outside of their home, take a deep breath and just enjoy those two seconds like nothing else.  When we remove the three vices we align ourselves with, we get a true human being.  But what about the new clothes you found?


The new clothes you found are not what anyone would like.  Your social quo would not let you join them, or just look at you funny until you had to leave.  Your religion would shame your new nakedness and cite you are going to hell, or you’re a heathen, or just give you dirty looks until you either find your lost way back to them, or leave.  Politically, you would question everything and people would insult you until you fought back, or gave in to their ways, pleasing them.  Your garments are your own, and it’s never easy being who you are in the face of those that want you to be who they are.  Chances are they are really hoping you stay strong, and find a way to help them find who they really are.  Being your own person is a dangerous thing in some people’s lives.  They can be so rejected they suffer, or cut off from family, chastised by the community, or killed for just being who they are.  Finding who you are, is just as important, as letting people be, who they are, without hurting them mentally, physically, or financially.  Let the people be who they are.  If they are not harming you in the ways stated before, then let them be.  Enjoy being a crow just as they are.  Trying to live to an old age is hard enough; isn’t it?


So ask yourself in the next reflective surface, “Who are you?”  Once you take control of yourself, then you can build yourself from the ground up, the way you need to for you, and no other group of any kind.  Let us take an interest in things, and stop identifying ourselves as those things.  Thank you for reading.  Please, make comments.

One thought on “Who Are You

  1. Identifying who we are as people is a hard task. Essentially, you have to strip away every label that has been placed upon you since the day you were born. That leaves you striped bare. This posts shines light on things people don’t want to think about, but we should, because sometimes who we are inside is all we got to keep going.


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