Why America will Never Win for the First Time

The title of this might not only throw you off, but may also spark anger.  That is the point.  The added point is to harshly brace you for the truth around you.  Is there a conspiracy?  No.  Is there some hidden government agenda?  I lean in the “no” range.  The reason being is that the government doesn’t need a hidden agenda.  They have something on their side that is far more powerful than money, and the military.  They have, citizens.  Relax as much as you can, and read why, from my observations, why we lost this presidential election.


First and foremost, I was a Bernie supporter.  I voted for him, talked about him, advocated him, and all because of The Young Turks, and Larry Lessig.  As I grew a bit more in politics, I realized something: I don’t support Bernie.  Bernie supports me.  He is over 70 years of age, and in our society, as much as it hurts to think of it, that’s not much time left.  Thinking of that, this man is putting his health at great risk just to begin to make this country better.  If you look up his record, it’s just stellar.  However, Bernie is failing, and once he announced that he will vote for Hillary, he has fully given up the race, but not his revolution.  I have not given up, and many people out there have not given up.  But why has such defeat come to pass?  How does someone like Bernie Sanders, not make it?  Let’s take it back, and run forward; and I mean run forward.


In the Truman era, the false fear spread was communism.  At the time, communism was the opposite of capitalism, and socialism was its own thing, that capitalism was integrated into.  Socialism was ok, during the onset of Truman’s term, until they began to mix that and communism together.  Since then, and up ’til now those “isms” are paired as negative structures, and the citizens ate it up.  Did the people have a choice?  Yes.  Did they use their ability to research back then?  No.  The people heard it from their leaders and just soaked it up.  They never asked questions on what they are, and how they could be a use to their own society.  They hated socialism, and things like social security and Medicare had to be forced onto them.  People were like a horse with a broken leg.  If they were not raped with help for their futures, they would just keep attacking the very people trying to mend them.


Socialism is when your government, funds things for the public, using tax money to pay for the services rendered.  This includes police, firefighters, social security, Medicare, road creation and repair, sewer cleaning, repair, and construction, and much more.  This does not mean that those areas will not have abuse within them.  It is up to the people to ensure their money goes into the right things, the right way.  Something important that needs be mentioned: we are lawfully not required to pay tax, but there are laws made to punish those who do not.  In other words, you allow a friend to stay at your home, and while there, that friend is not required to pay for anything.  It’s the rule.  Just be kind, help a little bit, and pay nothing.  However, you hire an agency to force him to give you 32% of any earnings, or that friend will suffer, and accept said suffering as the law was broken.


“To hell with a commie socialist, but stay away from my Medicare!”  That’s the shout of the people during Reagan, and currently.  People do not want to look up the very words they demonize, and that in itself, is a great example of crazy; to the moderately informed.  No matter what, now, in everyday life, people preach that communism and socialism is anti-American.  For a possibly clear definition of communism, I just look it up and it reads as such.

COM-MU-NISM (noun): a political theory derived from Karl Marx, advocating class war and leading to a society in which all property is publicly owned and each person works and is paid according to their abilities and needs.


From my understanding of this, a country would become communistic when there is a war between the classes including but not limited to financial bracket, and social standings.  In addition, each person work to the best of their personal ability or ability assigned, and is paid a wage that reflects the works worth seen by the employer or the government thereof.  I must honestly say, “we already have that.”  Are you shaking your head and ready to click away?  Don’t.  Just read this as my observational proof.


Our country in the 50’s to the late 70’s was highly productive and had a good run at making wages that befit the times.  Yes, minorities made far less for four times the work, but that’s another blog.  In those decades, the corporations paid a ton in taxes, and paid a fair wage to their employees.  The wages were around $3.75, and stopped at about $5.50 in the 1980.  It crept up due to a competitive market that soon became less competitive as banks were unchained when Glass-Steagall was overturned by Bill Clinton.  From 1933 to 1999 the country had a slim chance but Bill Clinton killed it and the banks could do as they wish.  Later, Citizens United was overturned and corporations (banks) could “give” as much money as they wanted to politicians and in return, favors will be rendered.  No one gives money to anyone just because they need it to use against the giver.  Wages stagnated, while we worked harder.  We can’t make it and demand a raise, but can’t get it because we are not worth it because of the job we do.  Not only is that one thing, but then thanks to Bill Clinton, the jobs we needed, but didn’t get much money from, were shipped overseas.  We blamed the Mexicans.  Yes I’m staring at the people who do.


As a communistic society, we cannot demand more money, and when we do, we ask for pennies.  We ask for $15. Why?  Because that is all we hear in the media.  15 bucks!  Do Americans deserve that much money?  Won’t they just spend it on useless things?  Oh yes, those were questions asked on CNN and FoxNews and MSNBC.  We need what we would actually make, $22.75 to equal everything.  However, your controllers will not take the hit.  We will not deliver that blow.  We will not stand up and demand the right to live the only life we get.  Instead, we turn on each other.  Yes, that is right.  We turn on each other.  While we pay taxes, money the government freely gives to oil companies and banks as subsidies, we rage out at one another when we demand our job give us a raise, or more money.  We ask questions such as “What do you do to earn more money?  Did you job suddenly get harder?  Why you want more money and not be willing to work for it?”  We attack each other instead of the very people creating our financial woes.


With all of this going on to keep us grounded, weak, poor and working harder for no gain at all except a few cents a year or three, we got the chance to vote for the first black man as our president, and he ran a perfect campaign.  He was democratic, spoke perfectly to what we need to get the country going, and all minorities, not just black people, were hoping he’d change the game and give us a break.  “Hope is irrational.”  We now have our chance for te first female president.  Women everywhere shouts, “I’m with her”.  They want her like minorities wanted Obama, and at the end of the day, it will be more of the same right-wing crap that landed us in this horrible state of the country we do not like.


What was done about the 99% in New York?  Nothing from Obama.  The wealthy smiled off the edge of their balcony while drinking wine and called the cops about violence that never happened, until they showed up.  There is a powerful correlation in cops beating and killing people, and the rise of people wanting a better government.  Obama has the power to sign nearly anything into action, even forcing the cops to stop beating and murdering the people who pay their wage.  Yes, we literally pay the cops to abuse us now.


With Hillary’s name recognition, and favor owed to her by Obama, she felt she didn’t have to do any campaigning and knew she would run unopposed.  She worked with the DNC, who was ran by Debbie, who worked for Hillary, and they cheated Larry Lessig out of standing a chance at the first debates.  They worked against Bernie as Hillary not only repeated his policies, but shouted that she would go even further than he.  Without the “I’m doing that, too” tactic that works with the common voter, she generated a loyal following from a favored following.  They were then, with her.  Could these voters research things about Hillary?  Yes.  did they?  No.  Why?  Because they didn’t have to.  Hillary was known, they believed Bill was great and for them, and thus, Hillary is just Fem-Bill and we get our first female president.


When Hillary began to become exposed, the new level of tactics erupted onto the scene.  First, repeat as much as possible that the republicans are after her.  The point was that females would easily sympathize with her being attacked and bolster her further.  It worked.  Second was ensure the media (CNN) would show her at all points when talking to or about Bernie Sanders.  Make sure questions to Bernie were as if he was supporting Hillary.  Third, she is a woman and the road will be tough.  That was cheap, and yet, brilliant.  Women were shamed and made to feel guilty if they were not with her.  Finally, and most importantly, express that running against Hillary, and preventing a historic nomination was a direct act of sexism.  People just ate it all up.  All the while, the media spread the word that Bernie Sander was not experienced enough to be president.  Seeing that Hillary took four years off, did nothing while Obama did his thing for corporations, and came back only to be supported by him… yeah, she got her George Bush vacation timing down perfect.  I wonder how much experience she gained while off work collecting money from banks and oil companies, and the money laundered through the Clinton Foundation?  Hundreds of Millions of Dollars.


The citizens through their fear of things they know nothing about, loyalty to a person who doesn’t care for them,, and having too much blind pride to change their minds and vote for the person who is on their side, we are now left with Hillary, and Trump.  Hillary, is someone who people do not trust, despite still being with her.  People don’t want Trump because he’s an ill-informed, no nothing racist with an itchy trigger finger.  Hillary’s finger is not itchy, but it does flex for no reason, so the only difference between he and her on WAR is the why they’ll send the US into one.  Wait… we’re not done with the first one.


With the people ensuring that we only have two war-mongering corporatist with self-entitled egos to choose from, I’m still not forced to choose between the two.  I will exercise my right to write, and write in the name of, Bernie Sanders.  For those out there who believe they made a mistake in voting for Hillary or Trump and just want Bernie Sanders, here is your chance.  This is your last chance and you have until November to get your state to make write-ins applicable.  It doesn’t matter your political affiliation.  You have the right to vote for whom you wish, and honestly, Bernie is the best.  He has 40 years of proving it.

You can now be informed citizens.  Research candidates.  Learn their rhetoric and stop thinking you’re only voting for the office.  You are voting for you.  You are voting for the person who represents you.  You do not represent the president.  The president represents the people; meaning, you.

LINK -> Learn all about Glass-Steagall with Wikipedia


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