Cycle of Hate

Why are we so hardwired to get in our own way?  Why do we enjoy being brainwashed?  Why are we so weak that we must project it onto the harmless?  Am I making wild accusations, claims, statements?  Let me take you on a trip and you may be the judge.  I promise, you may be asking more questions like those above, than merely shaking your head in auto-doubt.  I will use factual situations in history; old and present, as of, 6/24/2016.  Sit back, relax, read with an open-mind, and mayhap you will find answers to your questions as you further your way down this post.


The first topic I want to use is that of racism.  What is the point of it?  I could ask why it exists, but I think the better question is: Why do we allow it to remain?  In addition, why do we not shame anyone found to be racist towards any group?  Most reasons are because that person is a friend, or their racism doesn’t affect me, or just pure apathy.  In truth, all those reasons are merely excuses to allow the growth of something so pointless, that it breaks every nation, country, province, culture, and tradition into nothing more than exercises of futility.


When Columbus found new land for the Queen, he was searching for a new route to India to begin a new crusade/genocide.  He found an island of dark-skinned people and opened up his crusade with pure fervor.  In his own letters, he boasted about raping, stealing, murdering, and butchering the indigenous people.  Why?  Why would he do this?  We all know that he would not desire this to happen to his family, friends, neighbors, etc.  How can someone do to others, and think about others, in ways they would not want onto them?  That will always baffle me.


When Africans warred, the defeated were taken as slave labor.  The British leaders traded guns for slaves, and transported them across the Atlantic Ocean to a new land, where the law was, “Be broken and do as we say while we humiliate you, and ultimately kill you.”  Africans were checked like horses, and collectables for defects.  Their emotions, dignity, pride, and humanity were not even seen.  To say they had any was an insult to the Europeans of the Newland.  This is on par with the natives of the land, who had lived here for nearly 10,000 years before the British arrived, attacked, slaughtered, raped, maimed and committed multiple genocides of the tribes, pushing them further west, and calling them savages, a term to me worse than nigger, a word Euro-Americans today cannot call African-Americans/blacks.


The British enslaved these lands, stole them from the natives, and equally, fully, without mercy, persecuted them and the Africans.  It was not enough as they soon introduced the Chinese, the Irish, and a whole host of other cultures, not races, cultures, and ruined them on these lands that became the Union and the Confederacy.


I wonder why it could not have stayed that way.  Pride?  Your country split and you’re in charge of it, with no power.  That could be embarrassing.  Was Lincoln’s civil war really about slavery?  Lincoln was comfortably living in the north.  From what I’ve known of him through multiple stories (both flattering and not) he never turned away an escaped slave.  He never sent one slave back to the hell he/she fled.  The war was brutal, and in the end, the north prevailed, but at what cost?  Why could Lincoln not just make treaties and free the slaves?  Why not fight to free the slaves and allow them true equality in the north, while allowing the south to keep its people in their own country, and away from a free Union?  Trade would be as is, and vehement bigotry may have been scarce at best.  There are agricultural arguments that most southerners make to fog up the topic of slavery.  Never let that happen.


With the hatred of minorities being the staple and the norm in the south, in the north it was mostly hidden.  Of course blacks had a decent to good life up north, so long as they didn’t break the rules.  Whites still looked down at them, watched out for their women, kept kids separate but I suppose that was all in good spirits.  I mean, they were not lynching, hanging, burning robbing, butchering, plundering, and raping them on a daily basis, so in a bit of bitter truth, it’s accepting what good you can get in a time where good was hard to find.


The United States grew in prosperity for whites, as all others were treated as second to dare I say, third class citizens.  Minorities were hated at all times, in all places, and at first, one would think only by whites.  While all minorities did in small private groups band together, and in some places form their own cultures, which were soon broken apart for various demographical reasons.  These reasons extend into feeling that one group is not as important or since they don’t fully share the same view, they cannot be trusted.


As time rolled on, these ways became so accepted into their complacencies, that people no longer knew why people did not get along.  They only know that they don’t and that’s, “just the way it is.”  The way it is, is a standard-bearer for everything in the U.S.A.  We use it for racism, political corruption, price gouging, broken families, and school systems.  We use it for everything we are too lazy, weak, or feeble-minded to delve into.  After ages of brutality against minorities, things began to do as everything does on this planet: change.


The civil rights era was, at its time, the same as electing Obama as President, but in that time, the hope did create change.  Whites hated the thought of blacks having what they had.  Why?  Why make another person suffer for no gain at all?  Even if there is gain from it, how could it be worth it in the short or long run?  Minorities were not allowed to vote, marry interracially, or do anything unless it was being indebted and drained of their dignity.  There were plenty of Civil Rights leaders and only a few will be recalled and yet, no one, not even I, will know the full contribution of those socially washed out leaders of their time.  Their names will never be known and if discovered, won’t be added to the overly exhausted short list we have today.


During these movements, a group spawned called the Black Panthers.  While their work was pure, their need appreciated, and their help required, in time, as their efforts sowed results in a positive way, the whites or, you can call them the police and the FBI, did all they could to try to knock them down.  The original Black Panthers were about one solid undeniable concept: compare and contrast.  That was all they needed to expose how blacks were truly treated from their white counterparts.  Their movement was so pure and honest, that whites who shed their bigotry or had none at all, joined in.  The movement was even across seas on two continents.  The message was clear.  Peace, honesty, fair lives, and the equal right in the pursuit of happiness.  This was slowly being adopted by other leaders of other countries, but when the Black Panthers were attacked unprovoked in raids, assassinations, and finally gutted as the leaders were pitted against each other from FBI manipulations, everything fell apart.  Everything the leaders of the Black Panthers had worked for, were on the cusps of achieving for the world and the U.S.A. was snuffed out.  Where would we be, if treaties were made and our debts to other countries were forgiven because logically, there would be no need to hold on to them?  Where would we be if people could go to and from countries with no bigotry towards anyone simply based on where they originated?  These questions would be answered today, if one minority group was allowed to simply have the peace and prosperity they so deserved.


From slavery, into Civil Wars, into World Wars, and domestic Wars, everything was based on hating whites with great warnings.  They are the majority.  They control the government.  They control so much, that even our current leader, Barack Obama, does their bidding, despite the multiple acts of treason shown against him.  The southern vote secures racists, while demagogues use the media to peddle fear to their audiences at critical points concerning minority violence.  They will use coded words such as “inner city, thug, disparaged youth, and welfare recipient”.  They will say the fathers are not around or dead, all mothers are single and collecting food stamps, and the kids of these communities have no respect for one another.  The media repeats this whenever they get a chance, and while their white audiences eat it up and nod their heads, blacks and other minorities are listening.  It does go into the mind and it is recalled in small spurts through their lives acting more like muscle memory than a focused thought.


Due to so many ages of racism, bigotry and anything else one can think of, whites did climb into the dominant seat, but they are also hated for everything that they are doing.  Yes, militant people will talk about the slave masters and how whites have to pay for it.  Those could be arguments made because they don’t know the real argument.  The fact that the persecution of minorities is taught in the homes of the majority proves that there is something hardwired there, that these people cannot shake.  Why teach your child to look down or not be bothered with minorities?  Why not shame, demonize, or just whoop that kids ass when they go to a party or a frat and begin these racist chants, or say the ugly things they say?  Why not find who is filling your kids (if not you) with these thoughts and beliefs and have them arrested for hate crimes?  This hate has not killed the country.  This hate has stifled the actual growth of the country.  We grew in money, and white power, but we have never grown as a real, free, country.  No free land has slaves, or desire to have them.  No free country persecutes people based on the rhetoric of religious, political, and social leaders.  Imagine the world we would be living in, if everyone, black, white, Latin, African, Mexican and more, could be who they really are, create helpful technologies for speed rails, flying domestic vehicles, healthy foods, and toys for all who just want to enjoy their only life, and not survive it.


Don’t think I wrote all of this and do not have a solution or two.  We all see culture, and link culture to race, and with so many races slowly adopting other cultures through social media, there’s no need to keep it all separate.  Sure, you might find this post meaningless if you are good with sexual situations and claim you’ve been with multiple races so you can’t see what I’m talking about.  We all know what happens when two races get together.  Sex, fun, games, and hanging out are great, but when it comes to marriage, kids, and such, the conversation changes.  We need a country where the conversation doesn’t change.  It remains in the light of being married and having kids and the only conversation that need be had, is if that person is mentally right for you.


What this country needs to do, is what Britain, the place that caused it all, recently did.  They need to take a hit, and just do something different.  Britain will take a great hit, but they can now, like a kid moving out, do things on their own, and build things for themselves.  I’m not for or against the British Exit but I support them, in hopes something great comes out of it.  This country is deathly afraid of taking a hit.  Shame the racists.  Remove political greed.  Remove any politician that has any form of racism in their words from a kid to their adulthood.  People don’t like to change so it’s a safe bet, that if they hated minorities as a teen, they feel the same way now.  A safe bet doesn’t mean a for sure win.  It’s just safe.  Shun it, shame it, hate the hate, and be gracious to the equality.  Right now, it is the reverse.  Most see it, feel it, and are depressed by it, while others are blind to it, or have enough privilege there they don’t need to see it.


Let us all take that hit, fall down, see we are all equal, and stop this cycle of hate.  The whites who do hate, will do it, and spread it, and when they shoot up a church, kill some same-sex groups, or do anything crazy, the media won’t report it, and the minorities will yell about it, and the cycle will go on.  Instead, force your media to shun them, the act, and the mindset.  Get the media to speak on behalf of the hurt group, or groups of peoples.  If a group of whites are gunned down by some Muslim, do not talk about bombing more brown people.  Talk about the action and what might have sparked it.  Treat all mass shooting equally.  Talk about all families of all cultures and colors in the same light.  Take the hit, get up, look at your fellow human, and say, “You want to live just like anyone else, and have a family, a home and just enjoy your life.  I won’t be a part of stopping you.”  If not that, do something more than get up and walk off.  Let us for once since this country’s inception; begin to be united, so that the name of our country can for once make sense.


Thank you for reading.


Heavily Edited by: Sidra Owens


One thought on “Cycle of Hate

  1. I saw a meme the other day that said, “I vote America doesn’t vote for a president this election. I THINK, we need to stay single for a while and FIND OURSELVES.”

    Reading this, that’s all I could think of. So true, really. We’ve gotten so lost!!! Loved reading this! And I’m right there with ya!

    Liked by 1 person

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