Transgender People

I ask that you hang on for this ride, and just read it all before making any full judgments, and even then, relax, and think a little longer.

Who are the transgender people? Where do they come from? Why are they so messed up in the head? Who did this to them? Why would they choose that lifestyle? What do they want? I was wondering who was asking these questions. I hear them on news clips, church clips, and anti-transgender rally clips. I did some heavy thinking before coming to any conclusions. Critical thinking plays a great part in fair judgments, and this needs it.

The first question people asked was: who are they? I recall hearing that a lot on various different clips before this whole bathroom thing began. Who are they? I’ll answer that. They are human beings. They are neighbors, athletes, nurses, surgeons, emergency rescue team members, police officers, uncles, aunts, fathers, mothers, and anything else you can think of. They are not in mass, and they are not trying to be. They are individuals, making the hardest choice they know to date. When you ask, “Who are they?” do not look in the mirror. Look at the person that has, or may help you one day out of the kindness of their heart. Look to that person that might offer a shoulder to lean on, cry on, or an ear to listen to you, when others won’t make the time, or care to understand.

The next question is: where do they come from? So far, religious people have cited that they came from hell. Going on that, transgender people do not fear climate change at all. They don’t mind it being warmer. The problem with that answer, and the other one of them being spawns of Satan, is that those are answers of hate. Saying something comes from evil places, pushes for an ok-sign for that very thing to be physically attacked, if not outright killed. A lot of people began to reject that answer so the new answer arose: messed up families. Logically speaking, a bad family does not generate a need to change your physical form. People tend to rhetorically render answers to satisfy instant-gratifications. “What’s up with the trans people?” “I don’t know, they’ just sick in the head. They need Jesus.” There is no tangible answer and most-likely, the questions are mere patriot-checking queries to see where loyalties lie. The true answer is: Transgender people come from other people mating or any other form of human reproduction. When you want to know where a transgender person originates, look into the mirror and ask, “Where do I come from?” I’m sure the answer would not be from hell, or a sexual moment concerning Satan and some other unknown being.

Why are they so messed up in the head? Who did this to them? Those are two questions that can be answered at the same time. Framing a question such as that, places them in a position of being mentally disturbed, thus making them outcasts from a society. That usually is the point, and it further distances any level of decent understanding of them. This falls into the, “who did this to them,” quandary. I can assure you that any problem they have, was created by people who do not like different things. Trust this: no one did this to them. Could the wiring be crossed? It’s very possible. Does it make them messed up? No more than you with the things you love that you are too ashamed of to speak about in public. Personally, I’d like to find the people who found a way to kidnap someone, brainwash them into changing their gender, and being fully happy with their choice, with no recollection of the kidnapping, torture, or locations where any of it took place. I’d have to ask them why they don’t do this to bribed politicians and make them socialists.

Someone on YouTube TYT’s channel asked, “Why do they choose that lifestyle?” Needless to say, it was a mixed reaction of positive and deeply negative retorts. I’ll clear things up for those who are curious about their choice, and believe it deeply: it is a choice. A lifestyle is something of a vague term. It can be both voluntary and involuntary. People with money can choose a lavish lifestyle whereas those with no money must remain in a poor lifestyle. Some people with money live a lower-income-looking lifestyle and some poorer people find ways to make their area of living look more than it is, and try to act as if they don’t dwell in a place that brings them to tears each night. Transgender people have these options. They are born as one sex, and can live as that sex, but they run into a problem. They honestly do not feel right in their skin. They look into a mirror and it can feel like someone else staring back at them. They honestly do not fully recognize the person before them in that clear reflection. Over modern human time, people had to live as the sex they were born. Someone born a male may like girls, but hate seeing the man in the mirror. He would have to live with it, and never address any moments of depression as to why he is such a state. Nowadays, that person can find mental stability in knowing that science has come so far that he can be on the outside, who he has always been on the inside. No more depression, or other episodes, until faced with those who don’t understand her. The choice is clear: hate yourself or change yourself. It’s not like putting on makeup and feeling cute or sexy. It’s not identifying yourself through politics, or religion. Those are outside forces. Transgender people are dealing with an internal force. It’s the same as an engineer with a PHD that feels ok with her work. She did what she had to do to make the big money and live comfortably, but inside; she’s always been an actress. Being an actress is hit and miss, but getting your education, if you have the money, is relatively achievable. Transgender people are faced with living as everyone says they should, or altering their body so they can live with themselves.

What do they want? I typically answer this question with, “What do you want?” People forget that we are all people. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender of this world, want a home, friends, family, good food, good times, great conversation, and adventure. Who are these people? They are you. They are me. Cliché, but true. They are no different from those that watch furry porn, bloody street fights, girls eating fruits sexually, and whatever else weird things out there. There’s no end to the oddities, and that is our last great adventure. Let’s know these people as we would know our neighbors, or friends, or family. These people, for lots of you, are those people. People can go to the courthouse and get a name change, and then demand that you respect their choice and you do it. It takes time but you use the new name. These people, the transgender people, go through a grand deal more, and for that, don’t you think they deserve that same level of respect? I do.

2 thoughts on “Transgender People

  1. A very good post and must say that if each person living on this planet became as broad minded as you, there wouldn’t be any problems in this world.
    I wish people start treating them like human beings and don’t judge them.

    Liked by 1 person

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