Our Two Party System is Dead

By: Sidra Owens

Our two-party system is dead. The republican party and the democratic party call themselves that but the true ideals that each party used to represent, have long since been cast to the wayside. The actual fiscal conservatives have been replaced by far right-wing bible thumpers, who are far more interested in monitoring bathroom occupants and the state of the female uterus. Liberals are corporate bought scaredy cats, who don’t take a stand. They claim to be for the people in front of the microphones, while taking they’re corporate cut behind closed doors. But don’t get me wrong, the republican are corrupt corporate money grubbers, too. Corporations loaded the gun and placed it in the politicians’ hands, and the two party system of democrats and republicans have spun the barrel, but the only ones getting shot in the head are you, me and the rest of America.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; that was the deal, but the government backed out of that deal a long time ago. Over 90% lack liberty, toil through life and happiness is fleeting. Happiness is being able to take care of one’s self and one’s family without having to worry about where the next meal is coming from; can you take your child to the doctor, or what bill you will have to ignore in order to pay another. The wealthiest of us don’t have those concerns. And the issue is not that they are wealthy; the issue is that they are stepping on our neck to attain that wealth and slitting our throats to keep it.

What can we do? The truth is we are on the verge right now. The cusp. The edge of catastrophe or national salvation. If Trump gets elected as President of the United States it will be a global catastrophe. He is inept, ill-equipped with his only weapon being his big mouth. He can speak in a language that appeals to the lowest common denominator and even further, appeals to the baser instincts of the masses. He draws upon the fear that lies deep within a fair number of the majority in this country. He tells them that they are losing their country, their jobs, their livelihood, their religion and who is to blame… The Muslims, the Mexicans, soon it’ll be the fault of females and blacks. He pedals a divisive rhetoric that is fascist, dangerous and would lead to the fall of the society that fear mongers have been touting for decades.
Hillary. She is dangerous as well, but differently. She will do nothing. She will change nothing. She will get paid for four to eight years and then retire leaving the country more crooked and broken than it ever has been. Why? Because she doesn’t care. She doesn’t care about women’s issues, minority issues, economic issues, infrastructural issues, LGBT issues; she doesn’t care about any of it. She will say what she has to say to get what she wants, the presidency; and that’s it. The rest of us be damned.

The only one who is in the corner of the American people is Bernie Sanders. And honestly, this isn’t a rant, where I end by singing the praises of Bernie Sanders. It’s not necessary. What I am going to say is this… Whether Bernie wins, which I hope for, or if he doesn’t; the work is not done. We can’t be angry about money in politics just during an election, because as big of an effect as it has on elections, it has an even bigger effect on laws and policy, after the election ends. We need to get money out of politics and a national standardized election process, where every vote counts. No caucuses, or meaningless primaries, no delegates and no super delegates, who have been sucking at the corrupt money teat long before we even reach the ballot booth. This country is for the people and we should be heard, not the paid puppets, who don’t give a damn as long as they can line their pockets; keep their kids in private schools and out of the military.

I know many of us are begging for this election cycle to end; it’s been so long, and so rigorous, so stupid and so rigged; that it doesn’t even matter who win. I know a lot of us are jaded and just plain tired. I know. But that’s what they’re counting on. They are counting on you all wanting all this bullshit to desperately go away, so they can get back to business as usual; making money at our expense. Don’t let them. We have to find a constructive way to keep striving and fighting for what we deserve; fairness, justice, liberty. Think about it. If we don’t fight constructively and effectively for it, they sure as hell ain’t gonna give it to us.

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