A Brutal Truth on the 2016 Presidential Candidates


Are people stupid? Seriously ask and answer that. Most will shout, “YES,” while others won’t care and/or shrug their shoulders and say, “Whatever – I don’t know – I don’t care.” Here’s the thing: you NEED to care. I’m going to run down the candidates to represent the USA to its people and abroad. I will start with Drumpf, then Hillary, and finally Bernie. Let me be clear. I define “stupid” as knowing better and refusing to act accordingly. You know a hot stove will burn you. So if you place your hand on it, get burned, and then get pissed off, you have only proven your stupidity. Learning and acting properly with the information, makes you smarter. Expanding upon your gains, will make you wise. Now I shall begin.


Donald made his opening to the presidency once before and this time, he came back with few boasts. He’s wealthy, and he hates Mexicans. Sure they suck all around, but some of them are good; he’s sure of. He talks about his money, and since he’s a brand name, people know him more than they do any other candidate. Despite Donald going bankrupt FOUR times, falsifying his total income, refusing to show his tax returns, and was placed back into the limelight by firing people, he WANTS TO RUN THE COUNTRY LIKE A BUSINESS. He feigns ignorance of who or what the KKK is, in order to not disavow them, so that he won’t lose their financial endorsement. Donald played the southern strategy card beyond in the face of everyone and it worked. Racist people all around cheered for Donald, who supports the police against killing unarmed black people and mentally ill people of all shades. THIS IS WHAT THEY WANT LEADING THE COUNTRY.


Back in February of 2015, Hillary was unsure if she would run for office. She was being calculating to see her opponents would be. With a few unknown people tossing their names into the hat, she felt by summer’s end, that she’d be a shoe in. The truth is, she was not biding her time. She was getting people to support her and aid only her. In the first few months of Hillary casting her name for leadership, she offered no interviews, no speeches, nothing of substance, and nothing on any personal views. She had nothing because she calculated that she would run unopposed. There would be no one to vote republican and seeing that only the democrats would win, she needed not speak. With her opponents being irrelevant candidates with no backing from the DNC, Hillary knew she could coast her way in. PROBLEM: Bernie Sander entered along with Larry Lessig. Lessig shined light onto a subject that only TYT had spoken of. GET MONEY OUT OF POLITICS. Because this is against everything Hillary is running WITH, he was denied being in the debates; something the DNC had no fully scheduled. In order to be heard, the DNC said Lessig must raise 1-million dollars, and gain 3% of the vote and in a very short time. He did, and was still denied. Lessig’s desire started something that Bernie Sanders would utilize. Hillary, whose daughter runs a news company, and has friends (Shultz ) who worked with her, now leading the DNC, has had no substance until Bernie spoke up. What he says that resonated with people, she simply claimed to be about it more than he. Hillary has had a legacy of racism, lack of women support, and believes that WARS we get into, should be ran like a business. While handicapping Lessig, and then Bernie, she used people’s ignorance of Sander’s as a way to propel herself into the “more experienced” campaign, and took the bible belt just as easily as Drumpf. The more westward the votes, the less power she holds, but with people not knowing who Hillary is, they vote for her by name, and gender, despite not knowing anything she truly believes.


Entering the presidential race without knowing how deep things ran with Hillary, Bernie chose to send a powerful message: I want the people’s money and owe it to them, to my job as President, and NOT the corporations. Hillary and Donald are both establishment candidates. Are they under attack? YES. Ask why? I’ll answer that very soon. Running his campaign on decency, Bernie never truly attacks Hillary; not the way his supporters would. Bernie has had to fight an uphill battle. It’s not the first in history in the country. Henry A Wallace ran for V.P. against Harry Truman and lost the same way Bernie is losing. Bernie has to deal with media not interviewing him, and when they do talk to him, they show pictures and titles of Hillary; while asking him questions on Hillary as if he’s supporting her. They badger the airwaves with him not being experienced, and being a socialist. Bernie describes himself as a Democratic Socialist. WHAT IS THAT? Simple. He’s a democrat that wants for the people, not the millionaires. Quote me on this next line. “Bernie Sanders wants the people’s tax money to actually help the people, and not be subsidies for corporations.” When you’re poor, you’re crazy. When you’re rich, you’re eccentric. When you’re poor, you get welfare. When you’re rich, you get subsidies. Bernie’s record is stellar with one of the greatest selfless things he did, was chain himself to a black woman in protest during the civil rights movement. Hillary claims he’s not for blacks, when she turned a little girl way when confronted with her own politically racist words.


Both candidates are establishment candidates. This means they are for those that can pay them handsomely to what they need. Donald gave to Hillary, and in return, when he summoned her, she went to his wedding. As Donald said, “She came to my wedding. Why? Because I gave to her. She had no choice.” Think about it. If Drumpf loses, and Hillary wins, he can buy her actions. Of course that is just one person. Nothing to fear. Right? Wrong. Big Banks gave to Hillary, just over a quarter million dollars for two speeches. Banks are known for a return on their investment. If you think they won’t get one, you’re wrong. Hillary already said, “If the banks act up again I’ll definitely look into it.” That is not the answer or the way our leader need to be. If that is not enough, Hillary is currently under investigation by the FBI for setting up private SERVERS in her home to run emails from. The emails are governmental and thus needs not sent from home, but a secured area; what her home is not. The Koch Brothers said, “We’ll support Hillary if her actions are different from her rhetoric.” What do THEY know about her that you don’t, in order to say something so bold?

In this light of both currently tied candidates, they are under attack for a reason.

Drumpf is establishment, BUT the establishment thus far cannot control him. Drumpf says what he wants, and does what he wants to do. They don’t know what he will do once in office, especially since he’s stopped talking about the WALL the Mexicans will pay for to keep them out of the country. He’s stopped talking about hating the poor. He’s stopped everything that got him this far. If people pay attention, “I’m great, I’m winning, this country isn’t winning, and we need to get it winning again,” is NOT going to be good enough.

Hillary is attacked as she could or should be. Bernie has kept safety work gloves on and padded them with angel feathers. He could have laid into Hillary on a number of things, but that is not his way. Instead, his supporters attack her with logic. They point out her flaws, her garrulous answers to tough questions that never get repeated. Hillary is attacked by people who critically think about her position and force down the gullet of the ill-informed Hillary’s brutal handling of the campaign. The establishment is key, as they financially back Donald and Hillary. They now know that Donald will find a way to not pay them back as he is well-known to do with deals, and that Hillary may now lose to Drumpf because people hate what she really is: Not for them.


This is simple. The votes are the people. The people knew Hillary, and voted for her. Those who wanted better waited, and learned about Bernie after Lessig’s defeat at the hands of DNC. Yes, the DNC took out one of their own. The bible belt voted for Hillary, Drumpf and Cruz. The more westward they went, the more it shifted to Drumpf as he looks less shifty that Cruz, and to Bernie as he’s words are direct, and clear while Hillary’s words sounded more of the way Cruz looked. The critical limit hit and a change needed to happen but that change fell slightly short as the “I’m with her” movement began. That shamed women into voting for Hillary on basis of gender loyalty. This is compounded with PLEDGED delegates who do not have to side with the voters, as well as female operatives who ruin voting methods like in Nevada. Thus far, I have not seen males do this. That is my basis for singling out females. Now, Bernie cannot win UNLESS, you vote a second time.


SIMPLE…… You write in the name of who you want in the General election. It’s VERY simple. You will first have to ensure your county will allow it, and if it does not, make them. You have the right to cast your vote for whomever you please; even me. Write in, “Sedrik Cannady”, and I’ll be president. If you do not spell the name of your candidate properly it will not count, so do all you can to make sure you spell it properly. I voted for Bernie. When it comes time, I’ll write his name in. There are people out there that think, “I don’t voted for Hillary it’s too late to change it now.” THEY ARE WRONG. Change your history by writing in the name of the one you want to lead you.



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